“Work is Love Made Visible”

Kahil Gibran, (1883-1931)


Hi, Farm & Wilderness blog readers!! I’m Andrea Breen, Tamarack Farm Interim Director. Though this is my first summer as the Director of Tamarack Farm (TF), I have a long history with Farm & Wilderness as the Director of the Barn Day Camp, and during much of my 16 years at camp I lived at Tamarack Farm. 

I am so honored to be in the position of Interim Director of Tamarack Farm this summer and look forward to meeting everyone from campers, to staff, to parents, alumni, and friends!!

I am currently living in Minneapolis, far from Tamarack Farm. Yet, camp is often in my head and heart. I am quite thrilled to be going back to a place that I love and has given me and my family so much.

This summer we are going to continue and build upon the incredible programming that has always been at Tamarack Farm, and we are going to offer some exciting new programming as well. I’ve spoken with Amy Bowen (the previous TF director) and Tom Barrup (Amy’s predecessor) to glean as many insights around Tamarack Farm program, history, and future possibilities!! I continue to reach out to both of them as I dig into the exciting possibilities at Tamarack Farm.

And exciting possibilities we certainly do have!! This summer, Tamarack Farm will offer two program tracks:

The Counselor Apprentice Program (CAP) was created for campers who are interested in learning what it takes to be a counselor. This is a job training program with high expectations for responsibility and commitment to Farm & Wilderness mission, values, and policies.

Counselor Apprentices

will learn skills such as:

  • Applying and interviewing (to gain acceptance into the program)
  • Child development and behavior management
  • Problemsolving on the job
  • Cooperating with co-workers
  • Initiating and leading creative and experiential activities with different ages

And have the opportunity to gain certifications such as:

  • Red Cross first aid & CPR
  • Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

Skillz Crew is a new name and slightly new structure for Tamarack Farm campers. All Tamarack Farm campers who aren’t in the Counselor Apprentice Program will spend their days in one of four areas: Sustainable Farming, Construction and Carpentry, Kitchen, and Art. As has always been the case, Tamarack Farm campers will be responsible for accomplishing the tasks needed to run the Tamarack Farm Community. This is the magic of Tamarack Farm and it’s different every year with a different set of teens.

Campers assist and take leadership roles in:

  • Farm management
  • Building projects
  • Harvesting and delivering food to other F&W camps
  • Menu planning, food ordering, and cooking for large groups
  • Creating art for the soul or to beautify the camp community

Skillz Crew will have time in the afternoon to continue the work from the morning or work on some of their own projects.

All Tamarack Farmers (Skillz Crew and CAP campers) will learn a variety of skills, have opportunities to make decisions, take on leadership roles, and dig deeper in areas of interest. As always, all Tamarack Farm campers will spend time in the evenings in Town Meeting (camper-led, all-camp meetings), discussion/activities on race and justice, health and sexuality education, gender circles (discussion groups), and playing camp games.


That is the word that comes to mind when I read over this. Tamarack Farm is an amazing place for teens, and we are going to have an incredible summer!!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].


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