Tamarack Farm Counselor Apprentice Program

The Counselor Apprentice Program is a leadership development program designed for 16 to 17-year-olds. Participants will acquire valuable skills for working at Farm & Wilderness and similar organizations.  It is a six-and-a-half-week program. Participants will have some Counselor Apprentice-specific training and will work within the Tamarack Farm community to gain skills they will use at their sites. The teens in this program will be held to the high expectations we have of all our Tamarack Farm campers and Farm & Wilderness staff with an additional level of support and on-going training. Counselor Apprentices will begin the summer following a similar schedule to other Tamarack Farm campers, but instead of moving to different skills crews they will stay in one which is the camp they are placed at.  Please note: Counselor Apprentice Campers will have less free time than other Tamarack Farm campers.  Once the Counselor Apprentices have successfully completed the program, they will have the certifications and experience we look for in our summer staff. Upon completion of the Counselor Apprentice Program, each apprentice will receive a $500 tuition reimbursement.   

Community Living 

The Counselor Apprentices are considered full members of Tamarack Farm. They take part in orientation, chores, morning and evening meals and dishes, all mandatory activities, and community programming, cabin life, one-on-one mentor-ship, and weekend work projects. Counselor Apprentices will be required to participate in the first session trip with all other Tamarack Farmers. They also get a Sunday rest day.  

Having committed to the Apprentice Program, they will have less free time and will be unable to participate in some of the activities that are specific to Tamarack Farm such as chicken harvest, fair leadership positions, and much of the fair prep as well as some other activities. It is important that Counselor Apprentice candidates understand this as they enter the program.  

How to Apply

This opportunity is for full-session campers who are 16 & 17 years old. Potential Counselor Apprentices will apply to Tamarack Farm. During the registration process, an option will come up asking if you are interested in the Camper Apprentice Program. Check the box to indicate your interest, and we will contact you with a follow-up interview to determine whether the program is a good fit for you. If you have questions, contact Tamarack Farm Director Andrea Breen andrea@farmandwilderness.org or call admissions at 802-422-3761

I would recommend the CA program... You get wonderful work experience, and you feel as though you’re a part of both the Tamarack Farm and the Barn Day Camp communities. I absolutely loved the experience.

—Piper ('18 Counselor Apprentice)