Why The Farm? Our Approach

Teens gain confidence through the meaningful work of running the farm and in face-to-face discussions. Given a chance to step up, teens are trusted to act, envision and take ownership of projects in a non-competitive way. Together, they tackle new challenges such as building rafters for a new cabin or harvesting beets for several camps. In daily conversations, teens brainstorm how to plan dinner for 80 people, farm in a sustainable way, and create communities working toward racial and class justice.

And exciting possibilities we certainly do have!!  Tamarack Farm offers two program tracks: 

All Tamarack Farm campers who aren’t in the Counselor Apprentice Program will spend their days in one of five areas:  Sustainable Farming; Construction and Carpentry; Kitchen; Art; or Environmental SustainabilityTamarack Farm campers are responsible for accomplishing the tasks needed to run the Tamarack Farm Community.  This is the magic of Tamarack Farm and it’s different every year with a different set of teens. 

Campers assist and take leadership roles in: 

  • Farm management 
  • Building projects 
  • Harvesting and delivering food to other F&W camps 
  • Menu planning, food ordering, and cooking for large groups 
  • Creating art for the soul or to beautify the camp community 
  • Invasive species control with the lake associations

Skills Crew will have time in the afternoon to continue the work from the morning or work on some of their own projects.

"TF has been such a force for good in my life. It’s where I learned how to work, and to be happy in my work. It’s where I learned to be peaceful and reflective. It’s where I became more socially conscious and driven to better myself." - TF Camper