Why The Farm? Our Approach

Teens gain confidence through the meaningful work of running the farm and in face-to-face discussions. Given a chance to step up, teens are trusted to act, envision and take ownership of projects in a non-competitive way. Together, they tackle new challenges such as building rafters for a new cabin or harvesting beets for several camps. In daily conversations, teens brainstorm how to plan dinner for 80 people,  farm in a sustainable way, and create communities working toward racial and class justice.







At Tamarack Farm, teens have an opportunity to explore areas of interest in a deeper way. Apprenticeships are where teens build mastery in an area and use those newly acquired skills to give back to the community. Teens enjoy a place where they problem solve and live out, “work is love made visible”.

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"TF has been such a force for good in my life. It’s where I learned how to work, and to be happy in my work. It’s where I learned to be peaceful and reflective. It’s where I became more socially conscious and driven to better myself." - TF Camper