Tamarack Farm Mixed Gender 15-17

Dig into intentional action

Tamarack Farm Create Community

Hammering sounds fill the hillside as Tamarack Farm teens build a three-sided cabin, milk cows and cook meals. They focus on their community’s needs as they wash organic lettuce, build rabbit hutches or explore a sustainable way of living.  At Tamarack Farm, teens find joy in work, learn to live closely with a diverse group of peers and find their own voices.

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Tamarack Farm Dates

Full Session June 26-August 11
July Session June 26-July 19
August Session July 21-August 11

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Tamarack Farm Activities

Dive into creating your summer community. Teens share responsibility, assume leadership roles, and find growth as they explore issues of peace & justice as well as environmental sustainability.

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Tamarack Farm's Counselor Apprentice Program

The Counselor Apprenticeship is a leadership development program designed for 15- to 17-year-olds to build skills for working here at F&W or other similar organizations. It is a 6.5-week program that starts with two weeks of training that will prepare participants to work for the next four weeks as Counselor Apprentices at the Barn Day Camp, Timberlake, or Indian Brook. The teens in this program will be held to the high expectations we have of all our staff with an additional level of support and on-going training. Once the Counselor Apprentices have successfully completed the program, they will have the certifications and experience we look for in our summer staff.

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Tamarack Farm Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are opportunities for TFers to build mastery in one particular area. The apprenticeships are designed for engaged, youth-driven, fun, hands-on learning, and exploration. While there is plenty of work our teens do in the mornings, the apprenticeships aren’t necessarily work-based, however, they will gain competency in a skill area.

This summer all TFers will choose an apprenticeship from our 2019 options at the beginning of their time here. They will meet with an instructor and small group in their apprenticeship of choice at least 2 afternoons per week.

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Tamarack Farm Leadership Positions

Not only do management positions look great on a resume, but our community works best when our teens step up and take ownership of these areas.

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