1. Wallpaper
    The all-wood cabin style can be a bit stale. Why not cover the cabin walls completely with wrapping paper? TL Glamping!
  2. Council Fire Fun
    Use your imagination! Reuse your wrapping paper in a weird Council Fire act. (You know what we’re talking about)
  3. Harry Potter
    Find a stick. Wrap it. Call it a wand. Call up a Sorting Hat.
  4. Camouflage
    Does the wrapping paper have trees all over it? Use it in OLS as chic camouflage.
  5. Mod-Podge the Sheath
    Glam up your knife sheath with a little wrapping paper decoupage!
  6. Tarps are the New Black
    Going on an outdoor adventure? Tape a few pieces together to make a sustainable, yet trendy tarp.
  7. Dress to Impress
    Old holiday wrapping paper can be reused to make the best camp outfit! Don’t forget to make socks and underwear from old bows.
  8. Spy Night Smuggling
    Double points if it has glitter – no one would want to even try catching you.
  9. Mad Hatters
    Make a festive hat for a chicken or a goat. Pigs don’t seem to like hats; they prefer capes!
  10. Emergency TP
    Keep it in your pocket for that moment when you FINALLY get to the Kybo… and no one restocked the toilet paper.



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