I wish to share with you all that after ten amazing years as Director of Timberlake I am moving on. I explain more below, but please know this: TL is going to be great next summer. Last summer’s staff want to return in record numbers and I will be working through the Spring.

I am leaving now because camp is running more smoothly than ever thanks to an all-star staff. TL is strong and it’s the perfect time for this transition to the next, natural progression. Honestly, after 15 summers on staff (’85-’89, ’08- ’18) I can say that Timberlake is truly a living entity and our motto we chant is simply that character and essence put into words:

“Anything Is Possible, Everybody Counts, Let’s Get It Done!”

I will work through next spring, recruiting campers and hiring staff while preparing for next summer, and transitioning a new director. I won’t direct TL next summer, but I will do everything I can to get it ready. After sharing my decision with staff, there is a wellspring of desire to return next summer from cabin staff, cooks, and the leadership team. They know that they make camp, that they have seen camp run without me on my days off and that the spirit of Timberlake will prevail.

The mission of Farm & Wilderness and of Timberlake attracts great people – and then draws out the very best in them. This isn’t by accident – it’s informed by the Quaker belief that “The light of the Spirit is in everyone.” Timberlake let my light shine brightly and gave me the strength to believe in myself. As my one candle moves away from our closing circle to light another path, those that remain are clearly visible. Their candlelight illuminating not only each individual but also our Catamount Bell, the symbol that unites us into a community. The resolve to be our best remains, our peace and our power remain – for generations to come.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve such an amazing place, thank you, Timberlake.


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