We are in the middle of our Final Four events – Inter-TL-dependence Day, our giant night running game, thoughtful cabin appreciations and our epic banquet. Pick-up day is so close, but we have so much fun to be had between now and then. Your campers are rushing to complete projects, going on silly adventures with their counselors, and decided what they’d like to do with the rest of their time here.  


Inter-TL-Dependence Day 

In a regular edition summer all the camps would come together in July for a giant bonfire, dancing, and ice cream sandwiches. This year, we kept the thing our TL’ers love the most – lighting a giant bonfire. Every cabin contributed to building our 10’ structure and LOVED the flames (from a safe distance!) that shot up out of that. We gave beads to each other in one of the most epic settings I’ve ever seen here at TL.    


In a regular edition summer we play Society 39, our epic July night game. This year, we created an entirely new COVID-friendly game we’ll only play this summer called Cabin. Campers had to work to satisfy Cabin, a mysterious energy force that can only stay alive with camp magic. Since there was no camp in 2020, it was ravenous for camp magic. Magic indeed – we played three games in one! While rain cut the game short, it did create some pretty epic stories that campers regaled each other with! 

Cabin Appreciations 

In a regular edition summer we make time for quiet energy and moments. This year it’s even more essential to take moments to appreciate each other. Counselors took campers on one last adventure and then sat around a fire writing appreciations and giving verbal appreciations to each other. A quiet night in between our two tentpole events!   


In a regular edition summer, banquet is an epic transformation of our lodge. In the past we have covered the floor in sawdust, created an indoor river, a chic runway, a cave to hide from dinosaurs in, an underground bunker, a jousting tournament, and so much more. We do banquet BIG. This year, banquet is out in our Arts-Ma-Field. We are spending all day today transforming that space – bubbles, fairy lights, and tons of camp magic. It’s a big lift, and so worth it.  

I can’t believe we’re already at the end, and it’s been an epic July Special Edition summer. I hope all these campers come back either as campers or staff!  

Camp magic is epic, and it’s real, y’all.  

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