As I looked around the Camper Family Welcome Reception this summer, I felt the palpable enthusiasm and nervous anticipation that campers and family experience before drop-off. One of the first to arrive was an alum who hadn’t been back to camp for years and was now a parent dropping off his son for the first time. I met a mother and her first-time campers who were introduced to F&W through one of our partnership programs, and who had never been to Vermont before. I spoke with families who came on the recommendation of friends. I reconnected with people who have returned to camp for many years, in some cases for generations.

What we all shared was a sense of community and the understanding that the campers would spend the summer growing, challenging themselves, and coming home transformed.

We invite you, our community of camper families, alumni and friends, to support Farm & Wilderness and continue to make this experience accessible to as many young people as possible. How can you help?

2019 Fall Parent Challenge
For every 2019 camper family who makes an annual gift before December 31. A group of current camper families has issued a special challenge to encourage your family to join them in celebrating campers. Your gift of any size will be matched with $2 for every $1 donated up to a total of $5,000.

Peer-to-Peer Online Giving Challenge
You can create your own online fundraiser to invite your friends and family to support campers at Farm & Wilderness. Those who raise over $250 will receive a limited-edition trucker hat with the 2018 Fair artwork featured F&W legend (and goat) Nellie. The money you raise in any amount will be matched with $2 for every $1 donated, up to $5,000 total. Go here to start your own fundraising page or get a group of your friends together and create a team:

International #Giving Tuesday Challenge
On December 3rd, you can visit F&W’s fundraising page and help provide campers a transformational summer as we have done for the last 80 years. Your gift of any size will be matched with $2 for every $1 donated up to a total of $5,000.

Other Ways to Help:
Make a gift at any time online or by mailing a check to Farm & Wilderness, 401 Farm and Wilderness Road, Plymouth, VT 05056.

Want to host or help organize a potluck in your area and be part of F&W National Potluck event this April 5-7? Contact Thomas Henning at 802.422.2033 or

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