Sensible Mental Health Staff

My name is Rosie McInnes (she/her) and I’m so excited to be returning as the Sensible Mental Health Person this summer! I live in Cambridge, MA where I am a theater artist and playwright, an environmental justice organizer, a nanny, a barista and a facilitator and leader of community healing and listening practices. I included a picture of myself in the winter because even though I love summer best, a big project I’ve worked on in the past year is a play called “Snowgirl”. A thing I love about camp is making space for young people to play hard, take risks, be connected and close and show their fullest selves. I can’t wait to see all of you!

Assistant Director

My name is Rel (they/them) and I am super excited to return to Indian Brook for my third summer as Assistant Director and fifth summer at Farm and Wilderness. Over the past year, I have been living, working, playing and studying social justice education in Western Massachusetts. As an educator and at camp, my goal is to center youth voice and power while transforming the way we think about learning and being in community. I am always amazed at the magic that is created by the campers and staff and I look forward to being part of the discovery, challenge, connection and self-love that happens in such a beautiful place!

Camp Director

My name is Theresa, and I am incredibly excited for my first summer at Indian Brook! I live in Mount Holly, just down the road from Red Spruce Grove, and never get tired of the AMAZING views of the mountains and valley. I’ve been working at camps since a teen, and have traveled the four corners of our country to work in youth development and camping, from Alaska to Florida, Arizona, Michigan, and now Vermont! I love helping people connect with each other and with this amazing planet. You will probably find me in the middle of camp somewhere crouched down, fascinated by a bug, rock, or flower. I also love engaging with campers and counselors, supporting their Indian Brook experience, and very importantly… playing! My goal this summer is to make sure that staff is empowered to create and hold space for all of the important and amazing things that can and will happen.

Program Director

Ahoy there! I’m Alexis. I use they/them/their pronouns. This will be my second summer as Program Director of IB. Back in Boston, I am a care worker living for each moment. I like playgrounds, making friends with people along my bus route, vegan food, and sharing in community resources. I believe that IB is a place where both campers and staff find a mutual opportunity for growth and development. I love hauling compost buckets, quality time with animals, and open dialogue. Let’s be considerate and compassionate. Let’s recenter ourselves in love! Let’s have a lot of fun! I look forward to uncovering all the magic that awaits this summer!

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