We are thrilled to announce that Jarod Wunneburger is the new Director of Timberlake. As some of you may know, Jarod has over 12 summers of experience at Timberlake (holding almost every position possible at camp)!  Outside of Farm & Wilderness, Jarod is a dedicated educator who has been a Middle School teacher since 2013 in New York City and was the founding Program Director of the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation in the Bronx. Jarod brings a strong commitment to educating youth and developing staff to realize their fullest potential.

“In my nearly decade-long journey with Farm & Wilderness, the word that most describes this community is MAGIC.”


We’ve also hired Tulio Browning in a part-time capacity as the Off-Season Director Support (OSDS). Jarod will be continuing his work as a teacher in New York City, so Tulio will provide continuity for parents and staff as well as coordinate with F&W year-round staff to ensure the smooth operation of TL during the off-season planning.  Jarod will be connecting with parents and staff in the off-season and will be the sole director responsible for program development, camp operations, and decision making.

Jarod and Tulio have over a decade of working together which has solidified their partnership and communication.  They both have a strong love and commitment to the future of Timberlake and look forward to supporting each other in this mission.

Jarod can be reached at [email protected]


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