I have some news to share, I’ll be taking one last stroll up the big path to Indian Brook as Director this June before campers arrive.

This was a very hard decision to come to since I love my employment here, as well as the people I work with. It has been a pleasure working for this organization and making friends who I respect and admire. I certainly appreciate everyone’s help over the years in making Indian Brook Camp what it is today. It has been such a great learning experience, and I can’t thank you all enough.

As much as I have enjoyed my work in the camping and youth development world, the calling to nursing and palliative care that I felt during my mother’s death has only grown stronger over the years. After spending so much of my life working with large groups of people, I desire to be able to support people in a more intimate and individualized way.

I am so grateful to be a part of the Indian Brook and Red Spruce Grove community where courage and inner strength are seen, encouraged, and celebrated. I cherish how each summer I get to encourage campers and staff as they deal with the wave of apprehension and anxiety of trying something new or conquering “a first”. I will always recall how powerful overcoming challenges and connecting with friends can be and am glad to have seen this over and over for the last 6 summers.

IB and RSG are stronger than ever and will thrive thanks to all the support and advocacy that you all give. I’m very excited to see IB and RSG continue to grow under new leadership, and I am committed to ensuring that strong staffing, Inclusivity & Equity program development, and clear family communication about what they can expect and prepare for continued strong during this transition.

While I’ll miss hearing the happy sound of campers and staff hula hooping under Sarah the apple tree, I know that new adventures are in store for camp and me on our respective paths.  I look forward to new adventures ahead with new paths being carved each summer!

Please feel free to email or call with any questions!

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