I arrived at Farm & Wilderness in March of 2016 as a Resource Crew Intern and haven’t left since. Moving here from Phoenix, Arizona without any carpentry or plumbing experience was a bit of a leap of faith, but it’s one I’m glad I made. Within three weeks of arriving, we started wall framing and it was a moment of awe when we raised the walls to a cabin.

Doubt is bound to creep in when a person takes on learning or developing new skills, and it did for me. I began to notice an inner dialogue of not feeling strong enough, not tall enough or perhaps, that carpentry and plumbing were just things I would never be good at. But everyone I worked with was consistently patient, encouraging, and supportive as I learned. Not only did they create space for me to learn and develop new skills, they also celebrated with me. I attribute a huge part of the success I’ve had on crew to the team I’ve been working with. When the internship came to an end, I happily accepted a seasonal position with Resource and I’m still here!

Learn more about internships with Resource Crew and our Farm by emailing julie@farmandwilderness.org.

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