Tonight is Spy Night! On Spy Night, a camper who is a “secret spy” comes back to his table and sees a message written on their plate. Anagrams on the wall in huge red letters shift from “Sing It Python” to eventually “Spy Night Tonight.”

Tomorrow is Harvest Meal. A meal made with herbs and vegetables and lamb and chicken and eggs raised and grown here at camp.

Following that is Banquet – with stunningly good food and a Monster themed adventure and decorated hall.

Our Banquet Menu:

  • Soft cheese with seeds in a puff pastry
  • Purple mashed potatoes
  • Beef Ribs
  • Farm Vegetables
  • Yeast dinner rolls
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Cranberry Lime Drink

Finally, Fair – where we both contribute to and celebrate the Farm and Wilderness community, opening ourselves up to parents, guests, and alumni.

All these things are yet to come, but none of that means anything without staying present for the people around us, and knowing we are grounded in all that has come before us.

This morning the wind was stirring things up. I sat in Silent Meeting Circle surrounded by our staff and campers, many in animal onesies and other suits of whimsy. Memories from decades of Silent Meeting at TL came flooding back so vividly those people could have been next to me. Places like our Meeting Circle are sacred not because we bestow that title on them, but they remind us of how limiting our measuring time in hours and minutes is. We think our campers and young staff are on some linear progression of growing up without realizing just how perfect and complete they already are. Instead, we must ask what needs to happen to let that perfection shine through.


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