The F&W Resource crew has been eager to get started on several construction projects before Summer 2015 begins. We’ve been waiting for the snow to finally melt!

Our first project is converting an older tent platform into a cabin. This will help us meet our expansion goal for staff housing, which is needed because we have such strong enrollment at Farm & Wilderness this summer.

On the truck are the cabin walls, constructed in the resource building during inclement weather. They are being transported to the site along with the rafters for construction. We hope to have the project finished next week.

Bri West, a former Resource Intern who has returned to F&W, is managing this project. She is assisted by several Resource interns are learning and honing their carpentry skills for the upcoming season.

This is one of many new projects scheduled this year to improve the condition of the F&W campus.

— Jay Kullman, Resource Director




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