Answers to many common questions below.  If your question remains unanswered, don’t hesitate to contact HR@farmandwilderness.org.

We start accepting online applications in November. The only way to apply for one of 230+ summer staff positions is to complete our application that can be found on the website. Interviews begin in February and continue on a rolling basis until all positions have been filled. Interviews are conducted over the phone or through video chat. Camp Directors or other F&W staff will contact you to discuss your interest and specific roles at F&W.


No, we accept applications on a rolling basis until all positions have been filled. With this being said we start accepting applications in November for the following summer. Ideally your application would be submitted in January or February, no later than April or May. Applications are generally considered “first come”, based on skills & qualifications. We do our best to keep our website up-to-date; especially if we are no longer accepting applications or looking to fill specific positions.

Yes! To live on campus (at camp) as an employee you must be at least 18 years of age on or before the first date of employment. Each camp has an age requirement too:

  • Barn Day Camp: Minimum age 16 (note minimum age to live on campus is 18)
  • Indian Brook, Timberlake, & Flying Cloud: Minimum age 18 (Junior Counselors: age 17)
  • Saltash Mountain & Questers: Minimum age 21
  • Tamarack Farm: Minimum age 22
  • All Camp Staff & Interns: Minimum age 21

If you are 18 years or older you can live on F&W campus. In fact, nearly all our staff are required to live on campus. At the heart of each of F&W’s camps are a main lodge building and program buildings, surrounded by rustic open-air cabins. Staff and campers live in open-air cabins, most of which were at least partly built by campers of summers past. There is no electricity in the cabin areas, except at the shower houses. (Note: many Barn Day Camp staff live locally, off campus).

es, meals are provided; always “homemade”, often local and/or organic, shared with staff and campers in one of our camp lodges. And yes, most dietary restrictions (such as gluten-free, dairy-free) and preferences (such as vegetarian, vegan) can be accommodated. If hired, please do make your hiring director aware of any

restrictions/preferences (and once you arrive, please tell your camp’s Head Cook).

Yes! Our summer employment opportunities are paid positions. Staff receive a summer salary, plus room & board. There is a range of salaries by positions set each year. The salary for a first year counselor with no certifications and minimal experience is $2,000+. Salaries increase from there depending on position, length of employment, certifications, and other variables.

Your salary is the total amount listed on your Employment Agreement. You will be paid on your last day of work. However, you will have an opportunity to request cash advances according to a regular bi-weekly schedule. At the end of your employment any remaining salary after taxes and cash advances will be paid by check.

Yes. While our summers are intense and full of hard, but fun & rewarding work—we do give all staff an opportunity for rest which includes a short time each day plus a full 24 hours off each week.

Our summer employment season kicks off with Skills Week & Staff Week, an intensive (but fun) time for training. Most employees arrive to begin work in mid-June. Employment may continue through the end of the July session or through post-camp ending in mid-August. There is some flexibility regarding start & end dates; but this based on circumstances such as school schedules or other such priority conflicts and is at the Camp Director’s discretion.

Generally speaking, the qualifications are simple: Applicants should be conscientious, responsible, and community-minded people who value and enjoy working with children. Each position group has a different set of requirements or desired skills (for example to be a “Water Front Head” you must have extensive life guarding experience, strong swimming skills, experience leading or managing others and meet the minimum age of 21).

YES! We spend approximately 2 weeks working together before campers arrive (Skills Week & Staff Week, an intensive time for training). This may include certificated trainings such as Lifeguarding, CPR, Wilderness First Aid and others. Activity related trainings for trips, outdoor living skills, farming and other program areas. We also have trainings for leadership, boundaries, ages and stages, and more…

Yes. We do offer some certificated trainings during Skills Week. But, if you do have a certificate, great! Often, we are able to offer a modest increase in salary for certificate holders. Once hired, we will need a copy of your valid certificates.

Wondering what you might need to pack for your summer here? Check out the Summer Staff Info page.  There you will find, “What to Bring to Camp”. If you have additional questions, please contact your camp director or hiring manager. If hired, please be prepared to get dirty – take on barn chores, work projects, or something new like making mud pie! Join in with the kids – don’t just observe, participate! So consider not packing your best.

For any seasonal staff the answer is always “No”. While we do allow some dogs to live on camps, it is very limited. We have policies in place (for health, safety and comfort of campers, other staff and our livestock) that limit the number of dogs allowed on campus at any given time.

Yes, as campers! All children on campus during the months June, July and August shall either be participating as an enrolled camper in program or in the direct care of a non-working parent while on campus. Employees with children who are not enrolled in program are expected to find


alternative care at their own cost for their children during the employee’s working hours. You can discuss details of this more with your hiring manager. We do offer a Qualified Tuition Reduction Plan (also known as “Staff Discount”). The tuition for the children (campers enrolled in our programs) of staff is significantly reduced.  Please do make note somewhere on your child’s enrollment forms that you will be staff.

First, spend some time on our website. As you click through, you will find we have a lot of great information available. But generally, questions and inquiries should go to hr@farmandwilderness.org or to the Camp Director for the camp that you have applied.

  • To even be considered for a position, you must submit an application.
  • Interviews begin in February and continue on a rolling basis until all positions have been filled. Interviews are conducted over the phone. Camp Directors or other F&W staff will contact you to discuss your interest and specific roles at F&W.
  • Filling approximately 235 positions at 6 camps is a very complicated process and can take some time. Once received, your application will get passed on to the Camp Director of your first choice camp. They will review your application and balance your skills with the needs of the camp and the other applicants to build a comprehensive team with a variety of skills. So it can take days, weeks, even months to identify the best mix of staff. Plus, certain positions are contingent on camper enrollment—meaning we can’t hire some staff until enrollment hits a specific benchmark.

Contact the Camp Director or Hiring Manager that interviewed you directly; generally we prefer an email over voicemail during the hiring season.

We send out employment agreements & employment paperwork in batches beginning in April. This is done primarily via email. If you have questions about this process, send an email to hr@farmandwilderness.org