Camper Stories & Parent Testimonials

The camper and parent testimonials below are taken directly from feedback forms that are filled out at the end of each summer. The comments have only been edited for clarity, not spelling or grammar.

From Campers

“I think the staff was very nice and encouraging to me. The property is also beautiful, and is surrounded by a beautiful lake. The food was great. I just really loved my time at F&W and will miss everyone.”

“I learned that hard work and chores are important to make a community and that by working together your enjoyment is bigger.”

“There’s back flipping, gold finding, trick playing, pink milk drinking awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

From Parents

At Timberlake, my son, “grew about ten years in the 12 days he was at Farm and Wilderness. We are complete and total converts. He will definitely be back and I think it will be a touchstone for him in his life. I cannot put into words how wonderful it was for him.”

“Our son likes both the immersion in community and the space he has to be on his own at TL. We think the camp strikes a balance of structure and freedom, while emphasizing important values.”

“TL has played a huge part in making our son the person he is – thoughtful, responsible, a lover of the outdoors and natural beauty, and a moral leader in his school.”