A day in the life of a Timberlake Camper

Campers stir in their cabins just after sunrise as the day begins with songs, cheers and chores.  Each person is encouraged to work towards helping the larger community and not merely focus on individual needs. After a hearty breakfast, everyone sits together in Silent Meeting. Campers then scatter for activities and are immersed in a dynamic wilderness classroom. Campers learn diverse skills, create friendships that will last a lifetime and share experiences that will empower and challenge them as they grow into young adulthood.

Once lunch and rest hour are over, campers have a choice of afternoon activities. They may hike a ridgeline, ascend the crags of a stone chimney, frame out hutches for farm rabbits, join a long-distance swim and do other activities. Through work and play, campers of every age will be called on for their contributions and leadership.

Evening is time for campfires, storytelling, or visiting another F&W camp. There is also community time to sing, dance and laugh about the day’s accomplishments.  Finally, there is time for quiet conversations as the fireflies sparkle in the night.