Programs & Activities

Tamarack Farm is a program for up to 70 teenagers, ages 15-17. Tamarack Farm creates a safe place where teenagers venture into healthy, responsible, purposeful lives through awareness of themselves and their place in our community.

Through our experiential approach, teens learn to:

  •  find joy in work
  •  serve others
  •  build positive relationships with both adults and peers
  •  practice skills necessary to build a just community
  •  experience satisfaction from a simple life, without drugs, recorded music or modern conveniences
  •  loosen their assumptions about people and lifestyles that are different from their own
  •  understand the complex dynamics of sustainable food systems
  •  acquire tools that lead to healthy relationships and sexuality
  •  making choices about their own lives

Tamarack Farm’s Activities Include:


At Tamarack Farm, campers have an opportunity to delve into areas of interest in a deeper way. The apprenticeships are available for TFers to build mastery in an area and to use those newly acquired skills to give to our community. At TF, we create a safe place for our farmers to problem solve and to live out “work is love made visible”.

Work and Farm Projects

Teens can learn how to build a cabin, make jam from fresh strawberries, cook a meal, milk a cow, pick scarlet runner beans, build a new trail, make cheese, chop wood, or pour a concrete floor. From occasional haying, to the running the Farm Stand at the Barn Day Camp, campers experience farm, work, responsibility, and problem solving in many ways!

Service Projects

Our teens might build a play structure for another camp, preserve wildlife habitats, or help a local farmer harvest hay before a summer rain storm.

Arts & Music

Our teens carve spoons; hand dye, spin and knit fiber from our farm animals (sheep, alpacas, angora bunnies), screen print clothing, learn to play guitar or ukulele, sew a quilt or costume, paint and draw, sing in harmony, build an Adirondack Chair or bookshelf, or plant a personal garden plot. Each summer we hire staff who are amazing artists and who work with our teens on creative activities.

Outdoor and “Out of Camp” Adventures

For one week in the middle of the summer, everyone goes out on a five-day trip with a small group either hiking, canoeing, climbing, or experiencing a week in service at a local farm or organization.

Community Building

Every Monday night at Town Meeting, we discuss community issues or problems openly within the safety of the consensus process. Anyone can raise concerns. Occasionally, brilliant solutions emerge from our collective wisdom. At every Town Meeting the power of a caring community is affirmed.

Games & Evening Activities

Evenings are spent playing Capture the Flag or Sardines, ultimate Frisbee, or basketball; performing for each other in talent shows; discussing farming; or gathering in small circles to look at the teen perspective on issues such as gender, class and race.