Camper Stories & Parent Testimonials

The camper and parent testimonials below are taken directly from feedback forms that are filled out at the end of each summer. The creative spelling and grammar have been left intact, edited only for clarity.

From Campers

“Tamarack Farm doesn’t just teach you how to use a shovel or clean up after the chickens. It teaches you the importance of everything you do and how one person can affect their surroundings. To learn this is something to be carried with you throughout life and not just over the summer.”

“I learned a lot about living with other people, and I became more comfortable with the opposite sex, I learned how to relax more and have fun”

“I feel much stronger physically and mentally and much better about myself. My confidence in leadership has grown. I have learned more about the goals I have in my life and how to use my F&W morals to live.”

“I learned how to be a plumber, how to knit, how to throw a football and that if I don’t volunteer, no one will. Oh yes, and that I have to motivate myself because nobody can do it for me.”


From Parents

“My son has more self-confidence and appreciation of his own value. He also seems to have a greater awareness of others. He seems more willing to stand up for himself against his father – to a certain extent.”

“She loves gardening and the trip. She loves the opportunity to be independent and a working part of a community.”

“I think the camps live the Quaker ethic. Between meeting for worship, programmed discussions and just living with people who are living that ethic, the Quaker piece is strong.”