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2020 Staff Dates are June 13th – August 20th. Applications will be available by January 2020. Any questions, please contact Julie Sanderson at


Working side-by-side, staff guide campers through fun-filled, adventurous, and educational programs that change people’s lives—campers and staff alike!

Each year F&W hires more than 230 summer staff members, with positions that include:

Cabin Counselor Assistant Director Program Director
Activity Area Head Lodge Head: Timberlake and Indian Brook Wilderness Trip Coordinator and Trip Guide
Cook Head Cook Kitchen Coordinator
Fair Coordinator Rocks, Ropes, & Trips Logistics Coordinator Mental Health Coordinator
Nurse Nurses’ Assistant (Sensible Health Staff) Driver or Medical Driver

Summer Jobs - Lifelong Skills

One of the most eclectic jobs’ on the planet — everything involved with getting campers through the day-to-day routine of camp. In any given day you could be a song leader, a bedtime storyteller, a shoulder to cry on, a mediator, or a lawn game player. Timberlake and Indian Brook counselors live in a three-sided cabin, creating a sense of community with a small group of campers. They also work in a specific activity area, planning (with help from the Activity Area Head) and leading adventurous, experiential and often silly activities. Most counselors also are able to go out on a wilderness or service trip during the summer. Saltash Mountain Camp’s schedule is entirely based on trips and counselors spend most of their summer out on wilderness adventures. Barn Day Camp’s counselors spend their days working at the Barn Day Camp and live as “villagers” in one of the larger camps. Applicants need to be responsible, able to balance being a friend and an adult, be a good listener and love the idea of spending a summer in the woods hanging out with kids.


Support the Camp Director in the coordination of all essential logistics of camp, provide for the health and safety of campers and staff, and work with staff to create a fun, nurturing, creative, and challenging learning environment for campers and staff.  This includes coordination of the off-site transportation needs, scheduling the staff days off while assuring adequate staff cabin coverage each evening; and train, support, and supervise staff in enforcing safety and following emergency protocols. Must be 21 years or older with experience working in the field of education, ability to observe staff and camper behavior, enforce safety, follow emergency protocols, and apply appropriate behavior management techniques.



Supervise and assist Activity Directors through staff orientation and meetings, observation, and participation in activities, and leading debriefs of activities.  Make sure camper activities are properly staffed and scheduled. Must be 21 years or older with experience working in the field of education and programming, and the ability to observe staff and provide feedback.


Be the lead on a specific activity (such as Creative Arts, Barns and Gardens, Work Projects, Outdoor Living Skills, and Waterfront) and assist counselors with activity planning and coordinate the materials needed for the activities. It is preferable that applicants have 3-5 years of experience in their respective activity as well as significant experience working with children or teens. Must be 21 years or older and some supervision experience is helpful.


The main support for counselors and the liaison between parents and campers. They problem solve with counselors and deal with issues that arise with individual campers. In addition, they are responsible for some activity planning and helping in the general running of camp. Applicants need 3-5 years desired experience with children, good communications and conflict resolution skills, and some supervisory experience preferred.


Lead canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, and farm service adventures and will assist with teaching skills to the rest of the community. The Trips Coordinator has additional responsibilities of coordinating and delegating tasks to trips staff. Applicants must be 21 years or older and have significant backpacking and trip experience.


Working around an independent schedule from the larger camp community, prepare food for special needs groups and those with dietary restrictions, assist in planning menus, and are supervised and supported by the head cook. Kitchen experience is helpful and ServSafe training is provided. Applicants must have the desire to work with children or teens (as campers often help with meal prep), the ability to relate well within a camp setting and work well in a team.


Lead a kitchen’s meal planning and ordering including ensuring there is a varied and healthy menu, including vegetarian alternatives.  Supervisor and educate kitchen staff about safety procedures and health standards, and make sure all standards are followed.  Incorporate food from the garden whenever feasible and practical.  Head Cooks need experience in cooking for large groups of people and ServSafe certification is preferred.


Be responsible for the effective coordination of all aspects of summer food operations, including trainings for cooks, ensuring health and safety regulations are followed in the kitchens, managing and coordinating food orders, assistance with menu planning, coordination with Barns and Gardens and the Food to Plate work, and coordination of events like Farm Day and Fair Weekend. Requirements: 5 years of experience cooking in and/or managing operations of industrial kitchens preferred.


Be responsible for the planning and implementation of our annual Fair held mid-August each summer.  This position can reside locally and commute to campus as needed, stay onsite or a combination of both. There is also the possibility of remote work leading up to the event coupled with onsite work.  Requirements: Experience organizing large, public events.


Provide expert on-the-trail and in-camp assistance and risk management for rock climbing trips, climbing wall and adventure programming as well as assists all camps in trip preparation, management and clean up and is responsible for assisting with the management of F&W trips equipment. Requirements: Documented training or experience with institutional rock climbing and low ropes course/adventure education activities, and experience in the management of adventure/challenge activities. WFA required, WFR preferred.


Be responsible for the comprehensive management of mental, social, and behavioral concerns and issues that may occur with campers and/or staff. Requirements: 5 years of experience working with individuals with mental health concerns, preferably very knowledgeable of young people’s concerns, issues, and challenges; social work, guidance, therapy, clinical psychology or other degree or certification preferred.


Be responsible for providing and coordinating high-quality health care for the camp community, including frequent communication with campers and staff; ensuring parent notification and incident reporting policies are followed, tracking medical visits, medical supplies, first aid kits, camper medications and playing a role in emergency response. Requirements: Registered Nurses (RN) preferred as per the American Camp Association (ACA) standards.


Provide direct assistance to the camp nurses; their tasks include organizing and distributing camper medications, responding to camper/staff needs, assisting with camper self-help, working with nurses on paperwork, procedures and coordinating with camp staff (such as trips staff) who are providing primary health care support for campers. Requirements: Understanding of healthcare practices with experience in healthcare and with children preferred. WFA, WFR, and EMT certifications preferred.


Support the camps in driving and driving-related tasks including dropping off and picking up the wilderness trips.  This position can be full summer and part-time. Requirements: minimum of 5 years van driving experience (including experience with trailers), exceptional driving history.


Provide close collaboration with health care staff and camp directors to respond to and provide transportation for all camps related to medical issues. Responsibilities include 1-3 trips a day to and from off-site medical facilities, retrieving medical supplies and medications, working with off-site providers such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, administrators, and ensuring medical forms and instructions are relayed back to our camp nurses. Requirements: Exceptional driving history, understanding of basic health care terminology and experience with children preferred. It’s preferable to have someone who focuses on caring for and supporting the campers as they travel off campus.


Life at Farm & Wilderness

Nestled in a beautiful, verdant valley near the village of Plymouth in central Vermont, F&W is located next to Woodward Reservoir, a clear and cool lake that is perfect for swimming and boating. Taking advantage of the 4,000 secluded acres surrounding the camps and throughout New England, the Adirondacks and Canada, rock climbing adventures, wilderness travel by foot and canoe and community service trips are an integral part of the F&W experience.

Staff and campers will live together in simple, wooden open-air cabins and canvas structures tucked in the woods or on the lakeshore. There is no electricity or running water in the cabins; there are no movies, television, computers or recorded music at the camps. Staff and campers will create their own entertainment, growing part of their own food and even build their own outhouses. In choosing to live simply, F&W builds a participatory community that works, plays and sings together. The property also serves as a working organic farm with a state certified milk processing facility. Every summer, each camp has its own small, organic farm, tended by campers.

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Perks & Rewards

Compensation includes a modest salary, room & board, internet access in the staff house, and one day off per week. Working at F&W comes with countless benefits beyond monetary compensation. It means that you join a diverse group of people who take pride in learning, sharing ideas, and enjoy serving each other and the community.  If you are in need of an internship, please ask us!  We have had many students use their work experience at Farm & Wilderness for the internship requirements.

F&W is looking for individuals who have the aspiration to work at a summer camp, and are conscientious, responsible, mature, calm under pressure, willing to put in odd and long hours, well organized, good problem solvers, clear communicators, and passionate about working with children. Strong candidates are committed to community, willing to be a role model, and have technical skills to offer, such as arts, lifeguarding, wilderness tripping, leadership, teaching, gardening, and animal husbandry.


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