Camper Stories & Parent Testimonials

The camper and parent testimonials below are taken directly from feedback forms that are filled out at the end of each summer. The creative spelling and grammar have been left intact, edited only for comprehension.

From Campers

“F & W gives the opportunity for kids to have a place without mean girls or peer-pressure. Without bullies, F&W creates a safe place where kids are who they want to be without judgment.”

“I loved everything about SAM Camp; the people, the activities, the trips, the community, the atmosphere!”

“I learned that I need to be myself I learned that I can really be friends with anyone and love them no matter what they are like.”

From Parents

“I can’t imagine my child having a better experience. She made great friends, had a lot of fun and grew in her confidence as a hiker and wilderness explorer. She sang every day, ate healthy and yummy food and made her love visible!”

“It was a tremendously successful time and worth the investment for us. I can’t thank you enough for what you have created in a summer experience, and the care on every level. His counselors were wonderful, the staff was terrific, and each one made an impact.”

“The daily focus on rituals of singing, silent meeting, manageable chores and sharing meals; rather than focusing on scheduled short, product-oriented activity periods provides a basic structure for a value shift from the typical school or camp day elsewhere. Process vs. product.”