A day in the life of A Saltash Mountain Camper

When campers and teens are on trips, they wake up each morning in a new spot after hiking or paddling miles the day before. After cooking breakfast over a stove and packing up sleeping bags and tents, the group heads out on the trail. The group selects a leader of the day who is responsible for charting the group’s course.

In camp, the rhythm for the day at SAM begins with breakfast under the outdoor shelter . Everyone pitches in to clean up after the meal. Some of our best songs are written in the kitchen. Campers and teens do chores and gather on the hillside for announcements, often performed with skits, and singing. Then the campers and teens make their way to Silent Meeting.

On the trail, the day is spent on the move, with the pace adjusted to accommodate everyone in the group. There are breaks to enjoy a handful of gorp, a panoramic view or basking on sun-warmed rocks. Lunch is a welcome rest. Campers and teens also swim, write in journals or having Silent Meeting on the trail.

At camp, the campers and teens enjoy activities such as playing guitar, beading bracelets, creating art, tie-dyeing T shirts and swimming in Lake Ninevah.

At night on the trail, everyone pitches in to set up camp; gathering firewood, boiling water, setting up sleeping areas in shelters or in tents and starting dinner.  After the meal and washing up, the group enjoys conversations around the campfire before heading to bed inside their warm sleeping bags.

At camp, evenings  often are spent practicing a performance for another camp, romping in the soccer field with a game of Sticks (a SAM version of Capture the Flag), or in quiet discussions. Campers and teens head to their cabins, tired from enjoying the day’s fun.