Saltash Mountain

3½ or seven week sessions
Lake Ninevah in Mt. Holly, Vermont

Saltash Mountain is a small, intimate camp with a focus on wilderness adventure, arts and close community. Children live with up to nine other campers and two counselors of the same sex in open cabins overlooking Lake Ninevah on Salt Ash Mountain. SAM campers spend half their summer out of camp on canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, or community service trips. Out on the trail, campers develop their wilderness travel skills, and practice living closely with their peers. Through the tight-knit trip experience, SAMmers learn to accept each other, celebrate themselves and work cooperatively together. Back in camp after trips, each trip group shares the story of their adventures in skit or song, and incorporates the community skills they’ve learned into the larger camp. The skits aren’t limited to returning trips—SAM is known for its creativity, Variety Nights, and bottomless costume closet. While in camp, campers choose morning and afternoon activities from options such as canoeing, guitar lessons, work projects (carpentry), creative writing, gardening, and wilderness adventure. Daily SAM life is filled with fun traditions, camp games, and the whole camp singing.

By the end of the summer, SAM is a fun loving community of wilderness adventurers.