red spruce grove Day in A Life

A Red Spruce Grove day starts with a morning fire and welcoming sunlight.  Campers boil water and eat breakfast that is cooked over an open fire – the meal is simple and tasty – yogurt, granola, fruit, a hot grain with a dollop of honey. After breakfast and Silent Meeting – a period of reflection, meditation and relaxation – campers enjoy morning activities until lunch time.

After lunch and rest period, which carries campers through the hottest part of the day, there is free time to work on a project or a special skill.  This may be improving tracking skills or starting a fire using friction.

In the afternoons, campers and staff sometimes venture out to pick blueberries on a nearby mountaintop. Other times, they do work projects around camp such as building a shelter or clearing a trail.

Evening includes a filling meal, such as hearty chili and fresh bread, and then the community gathers for an all-camp activity. This is a chance to burn off some energy before dusk. There are scattered conversation and swapping stories about the best part of the day. Then, it is off to sleep in a canvas structure, as the stars glimmer in the fresh, night air.