Red Spruce Grove Off-the-Grid Summer Camp
Girls & Gender Non-Binary, Ages 11-14

Strong hands, strong hearts

confidence in self and community Life in the Wild

Immersed in a small wilderness community, campers learn to live off-the-grid, unplugged and close to the land. While cooking over an open fire, they create tasty meals, build shelters, learn ax and knife safety, archery and other wilderness-living skills.

Amid the knot tying and blueberry picking, campers learn resilience and self-reliance. They emerge from the experience stronger, more confident, aware and capable.

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Red Spruce Grove Summer Camp Dates

Full Session July 3 – August 14
July Session July 3 – July 23
August Session July 25 – August 14

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Red Spruce Grove Camp Activities

Campers, who start off together at Indian Brook Camp, hike to their site on a wilderness plateau. After their time living closely to the land in a small, supportive community, they return excited and eager to share their experiences and wilderness craft with other camps.

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Red Spruce Grove Gender Inclusive Summer Camp

At Farm & Wilderness, we offer all campers the opportunity to choose a camp environment that best supports their gender identity. Red Spruce Grove is a gender inclusive summer camp for those that identify as female or gender non-binary. Like all of the camps in the Farm & Wilderness system, Red Spruce Grove provides gender education and a safe space for campers to share their thoughts on gender, and to become familiar with others’ experiences.

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"I learned how to invite fire using a bow drill kit, which made me feel self-sufficient and more connected to the Earth. I also learned how to live in the present and more deeply appreciate my surroundings, whatever they may be."

—-Red Spruce Grove Camper

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