Camper Stories & Parent Testimonials

The camper and parent testimonials below are taken directly from feedback forms that are filled out at the end of each summer. The creative spelling and grammar have been left intact, edited only for clarity.

From Campers

“I have grown so much over this summer. Questing teaches you a lot about yourself, and how much you a really capable of doing. it shows you all the ways to challenge yourself, and then rise up to meet that challenge.”

“Long Trail Questing! I absolutely loved it. I grew so much as a person physically and emotionally. It gave me confidence to wear crazy outfits to school and really be myself in all circumstances. I benefited so much off of being in the woods and being able to reflect and appreciate life. It really changed my life.”

“I grew a lot this summer. I became a lot more independent after our three day solo and at the same time I grew to be so dependent on my group members. I made life long relationships and learned to be accepting and a strong community member. I became comfortable in the woods and learned to appreciate the present moment. I became a stronger person through many physical and emotional challenges.”

From Parents

“I sent my daughter to F&W hoping that she might experience the respect and love for nature, tolerance of others and sense of community that I experienced as a camper. I’m quite sure that she did.”

“Questers staff help our children develop self esteem and group skills. Besides the in-camp programs, these two camps specifically use wilderness experiences and skill-building to reach these goals.”

“Questers creates a basis for understanding the fundamentals of life as it relates to nature, relationships and creative exploration. It provides campers with a joyful way to unplug from our fast-paced society, and expand the possibilities for responsibility and growth.”