(48 DAYS) – FULL SEASON ONLY Long Trail End to Enders

Many hikers who’ve been enjoying the beauty and adventure of Vermont’s Long Trail may have wondered what it would be like to complete the historic 100-year-old path; how it must feel to meander along the crest of the Green Mountains from Massachusetts to Canada. Hikers on shorter trips may have sensed the excitement of End-to-Enders they’ve met along the trail who stop to share their stories.

Now it’s your turn, so take the chance! This trip is geared toward success through learning and practicing extended-trip principles like route and menu planning, pacing, and appropriate packing. The course will be co-led by experienced trip leaders who are eager to enjoy the company of the Questers and share their knowledge. Their experience and awareness of group dynamics will help Questers as they learn the requisite skills of self-care, diet and how to handle the challenges of the 272-mile journey.

As with any Questers course, the trip leaders will support participants and orient them to the specific backpacking techniques, while coaching them on how to be self-reliant and make decisions collaboratively. Questers on this trip will experience the F&W values of simple living, spirituality, exploration of self, and the importance of community. Participants will have ample time to journal and reflect on this experience.

July or August White Mountains

The Questers July and August session trips: Traveling from Maine’s Rangeley Lake along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail to the foot of the Presidential Range in New Hampshire. We will be traveling by canoe and foot for 15 days, and then the trip will culminate with three days of rock climbing. No previous outdoor skills are needed, just an interest and willingness to learn and become an integral part of a team.

Meet and Pack Out: Questers start at Saltash Mountain Camp, where we practice canoeing fundamentals and learn techniques for backcountry packing. These include prepping the menu, gear inspection, and reviewing the route. When the last dry bag is packed, it’s off to Maine.

Canoe (Days 1-8): ) Questers will start their journey on Maine’s beautiful Rangeley Lake and canoe through the upper reaches of the Androscoggin Basin while exploring a 60 mile section of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. With amazing camping in an area teeming with wildlife, this section of the trip is sure to provide breathtaking vistas and unforgettable beauty. Questers will have time to work on their paddling strokes and communication with their canoe partner before taking on some of the more challenging, moving water sections of the Androscoggin. We’ll also take the opportunity to give back to this beautiful area by completing a service project with the Northern Forest Canoe Trail Association.

Backpack (Days 8-15):Questers will strap on their packs and hike into the incredibly scenic White Mountains National Forest. As they hike classic ridge trails along the famed Appalachian Trail, they will continuously take in amazing views and feel the unforgettable rush of summiting peak after peak including New Hampshire’s highest, Mt. Washington. Questers will travel over 50 miles of beautiful and rewarding trails during this seven-day section of the journey.