Questers Mixed Gender 15-17

Explore the wilderness on extended trips

18 or 36 Days in the Wild Wilderness Trips

For teens eager for extended wilderness trips, Questers is a camp that fosters leadership, community and personal growth. With separate options for full or half-summer, Questers hike the 272-mile-Long Trail in 36 days or embark for 18 days on canoe, rock climbing and backpacking outings in the White Mountains and Adirondacks.

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Questers Activities

Teens learn about trip planning, setting routes, preparing meals and gear, and many other skills necessary for extended  time in the wilderness. They take on increasing responsibility as the trips unfold. At the climax of the trip, Questers plan and execute a short trip segment, which the staff supervises from a discreet distance to ensure safety while fostering teens’ leadership skills.

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