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Camp Events Get Lost in Prospect Park

Join Tulio Browning and Friends for a morning hike in Brooklyn, NY through the Ancient Midwoods, the Vale of Cashmere, the Lullwater and other exotically named curiosities included a most twisted Elm from Scotland. Where: Meet on the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch When: Sunday November 10th at 10am for a 10.10 […]

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News From Our Executive Director Board Meeting Agenda Oct. 2019

The Farm & Wilderness Board meets four times a year – in a major northeast city in January and in Vermont in May, August (on the day before Fair), and October. According to the F&W By-Laws, the Board is “responsible for the investment, use, and expenditure of all funds and property of the corporation and […]

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News & Announcements F&W Strategic Planning Update/Progress Report

We are now about two thirds of the way through the strategic planning process, with a completed plan expected by the date of the January 2020 Board of Trustees Meeting. Adam Keller and Andrea Taylor, two current trustees, are co-clerking the committee. Rebecca Geary and Thomas Henning are the lead staff liaisons. Matt Visser, of […]

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Barn Day Camp This is How We Do It!

Many folks wonder how we do social justice at the BDC with such young campers. The answer: “We roll it in everywhere.” Here, the work of social justice education is not a separate activity; it is incorporated into the fabric of everything we do. During staff training, I teach the importance of listening and observing: […]

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Community Stories An F&W Timeline

1939-’49 It all starts with a $500 lease by Ken & Susan Webb for 600-acres of old farmland on Woodward Reservoir. Timberlake, Indian Brook and Tamarack Farm are born. Fair begins as an alternative to visiting the state fair in Rutland, as gas was rationed during the war. 1960-’69 SAM Camp is formed on Lake […]

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Reflection 80 Years of Tradition and Change

An 80-year-old home may have been remodeled or redecorated, perhaps many times, but it still stands in the same place, on the same foundations. When people are 80, they may be grandparents or even great-grandparents, their hair may be white or even gone, but they still have the same smiles and eyes, enhanced with the […]

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Community Stories More Light, Still

By Kristi Webb, Trustee In 1939, the camp we now know as Timberlake was first called Mehrlicht. It probably tells you everything you need to know about my family that “mehr licht” (“more light”) were the last words of the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The camp name was given up after a couple of […]

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Community Stories 15 Ways to Identify an F&W Camper in a Crowd

There are many ways to identify an F&W person in a crowd. Of course the easiest way is with a sweatshirt, tee shirt, or a water bottle emblazoned with an F&W Logo. But there are some other ways. How many of these apply to you? When they hear a bell ring twice, they suddenly start […]

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Red Spruce Grove

Three weeks is the blink of an eye to the towering Spruces, and an entire lifetime for the fleeting wildflowers. It is incredible to see how our community has grown and flourished in these past three weeks.