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Red Spruce Grove Living Gratefully at Red Spruce Grove

It seems like a study comes out every week about the importance of gratitude. Everyone agrees that cultivating a practice of giving thanks improves mental and emotional well-being. But I think there is more to it than that. Sharing gratitude in community, as we do at camp, can be a richer experience than simply writing […]

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Community Stories Remember When?

…We Landed on the Moon…(and the TV in the Lodge was almost as incredible) Winship (Lee) Cook (IB Staff ’66-’71, ’69): Fifty years ago on July 20th, 1969, I was head of the waterfront at Indian Brook and, with the head of the waterfront from Timberlake, we lead the first coed canoe trip in the […]

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News & Announcements Your Support Matters

As I looked around the Camper Family Welcome Reception this summer, I felt the palpable enthusiasm and nervous anticipation that campers and family experience before drop-off. One of the first to arrive was an alum who hadn’t been back to camp for years and was now a parent dropping off his son for the first […]

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Camp Events Learn About Farm & Wilderness at Brooklyn Friends School

Curious about summer camp? Join Farm & Wilderness staff member Tulio Browning at the Brooklyn Friends School for a fun and informational afternoon Dec. 15 at 1pm.  You will learn about the eight summer programs Farm & Wilderness has to offer and be able to ask any and all questions. Free and open to the […]

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Reflection A Magical Prospect Park Adventure

On Sunday, Theresa Serr, about 20 hikers and I gathered at the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library to embark on our Get Lost in Prospect Park hike. The front doors and gate to the library are nothing short of stunning.   With all sorts of imagination and adventure towering above us in iron […]

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Community Stories A Celebration of Stories

We asked, you answered: what are your favorite camp memories?  Through snail mail, email, and over Facebook, you’ve been sharing your fondest memories of camp. Here, we’ve compiled your favorite stories from over 80 years of Farm & Wilderness. “When I was there,” Bill Schwarzchild (TL and SWC ‘49, ’50, ’52; Sr. Work Camp, ’53; […]

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Red Spruce Grove What’s Brewing at Red Spruce Grove?

What a summer! Red Spruce Grove is really finding its identity within the F&W community. The campers, counselors, and the land itself are informing how the program grows and evolves. Already, plans are brewing for next year, based on input from all of our community members. First up: Building projects! Consistently, the biggest highlights of […]

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Farm News Farewell to the 2019 Farm Crew!

Every year, the farm at F&W hires interns to help us out and get ready for the camp season.  This year we ended up with a great group: Anna Brewer, Derek Cote, and Reece Rivas who came together as a team despite very different back grounds and farming experience. Their last day was November first, […]

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Camp Events Sledding and Cocoa at Danehy Park

Welcome 2020 with sledding, hot cocoa, and warm hearts! Join F&W at Danehy Park for sledding (bring your own sled), hot cocoa, snowman building and other cheerful, wintry fun. Bring a friend (or two, three…) and share your camp memories and love of all things Farm & Wilderness as we play (and laugh) hard. Dress […]