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Uncategorized Robert H. Webb 1934-2018

Robert Howard Webb of Lincoln, MA and Brooklyn, NY died August 23, 2018 of Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Rob was born October 17, 1934 to Kenneth and Susan Howard Webb, founders of the Farm & Wilderness Camps in Plymouth, Vermont.  He spent his childhood exploring the woods and trails of the Green […]

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Flying Cloud The Clearing Lays Quiet

The clearing now lays quiet and still but the energy of the shrieks and laughter that filled it up until just a few days ago seems to hang electric in the air and the trees and the ground, ready to be drawn forth and known at a moment’s notice. Perhaps that’s the energy that lives […]

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News From Our Executive Director 24 Hours to double your impact!

Happy #FandWTuesday: Fair Edition! Today is the day! Two generous camp families have come together to issue a 2:1 matching gift challenge for the first $2,500 donated during today’s F&W Tuesday-Fair Edition! When you donate today, your gift will be doubled along with the impact you can make in putting a transformative summer experience within reach for a […]

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Tamarack Farm Affirmation, Celebration, and Integration

The last week at Tamarack farm is full of affirmation, celebration, and integration (as well as cleaning and packing).  As I heard one of our teens report to the board of Trustees this morning, “Tamarack Farm isn’t a summer camp, it’s an educational program.” As an experiential education program rooted deeply in our values, at […]

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Red Spruce Grove Smiles and Laughter Abound

Smiles and laughter were abound despite Vermont’s fast and frequent downpours at the Grove this past week. In addition to a few cool afternoon blueberry harvest sessions, campers prepared for their solos by practicing their fire building and shelter making skills. Some kids even built a tripod for lamb jerky to take with them. The […]

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Timberlake Our “Final Four”

In the next four days, we have our “Final Four.”  We are harvesting much of the food from our gardens so that we can have a meal entirely from our farm.  We have already been making our own aged cheddar and other types of cheese and having breakfast greens from the garden every morning.  Now […]

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Questers Journey’s End: 36 days and 273 miles!!

The journey is complete! 36 days and 273 miles later, both Long Trail quester groups have made it back safe and sound! They have packed in, enjoyed hot showers, and are gobbling down the great meals at SAM camp. They are happy to be back and to know their trek is done! I hiked into […]

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Indian Brook Prepare. Create. Reflect.

As fair approaches, we are taking the time to prepare, create, and also to reflect on what this day means to us at Indian Brook, and the importance of understanding our own identity and history. On Sunday evening, we had different stations that campers rotated through: making tea bags, painting postcards, creating confetti-filled eggshells to […]

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Questers Half-Season Questers

The Classic Questers have had an adventurous trip!  They met each challenge with optimism and a spirit of unity. It gives me great hope to see a group of co-ed 15 year-olds bond together to ensure each other’s safety, sense of belonging and share their unique gifts and perspectives with one another. Our trip began […]