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Red Spruce Grove Work, Play, Learn, and Live Together

The second session at Red Spruce Grove is officially underway, as we prepare for our departure from Indian Brook tomorrow! The first three days of camp for Red Spruce Grove takes place at Indian Brook, where we have been working together to get ready to leave for our wilderness site. Campers have done swim tests, […]

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Tamarack Farm Welcome Session 2 at Tamarack Farm

And like that, Session One is over.  Our first session campers left on Friday after a full week of working on the Art Barn which now has a new curved roof.  We also have new shelves and stools from the work projects area.  The old arts area has also been beautified. Many teens headed home […]

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Indian Brook New Beginnings and Next Chapters

How fleeting and enduring summers are at camp! The First Session of Indian Brook 2019 is now a chapter closed behind us. What wild adventures we had exploring the Green Mountains and paddling our lakes and rivers. Thanks so very much to the families who shared their precious young ones with us for our first […]

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Flying Cloud Sparks Flew Upward

Sparks flew upwards into the night as if to carry all the good intentions we were putting out into the world last night at Flying Cloud during our closing Friendship Fire of first session 2019. Campers spoke to what they appreciated about each other, and about Flying Cloud as a place – what it means […]

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Barn Day Camp Worm Grunting

Today, the kids participated in an activity that was brought from my childhood. It was offered by Grace Hsiang who did the activity at the Barn Day Camp as a camper. The activity is called “Worm Grunting.” When the staff asked the best spots, I told them near the kybos since we always did it […]

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Flying Cloud Homeward Bound

Tomorrow marks the end of our first session of summer 2019. Transitioning from camp to home can be challenging. Of course, campers are happy to reunite with their family, but they’ll also be missing their camp friends and activities. Kids tend to ‘re-invent’ themselves at camp and it can be jarring to return home where […]

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Saltash Mountain WATCH: The Giggle Show!

The Giggle Show!! An original puppet show created and performed by Saltash Mountain Campers.

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Indian Brook Week Three

The start of Week 3 is here at Indian Brook and is the turning point of our camp session. As things wrap up, campers in our First and Big Lodge have been bustling away within our Activity Area morning rotations working until the sound of the bell which signifies a switch to a new activity. […]

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Barn Day Camp A Day Camp That Does Overnights

The culmination of the Barn Day Camp 2-week session is a one-night overnight (2-nights for our 9 & 10-year-olds).  This past Thursday night, we put 75 kids ages 4-10 out on overnights. We are talking about shelters and tents, not cushy cabins! Many have outhouses but not all, and if there is running water it’s […]