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Tamarack Farm A Sad Farewell & An Exciting Hello (again)

We are sad to share that Amy Bowen, Tamarack Farm Director, has accepted an offer for a leadership role at Spring Lake Ranch that will tap into her many talents while giving her quality time in the summer. Amy has been an invaluable member of the management team, and leader among her peer camp directors. We are […]

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Barn Day Camp WATCH: How To Apply For Campership

Campership deadline is Jan. 15, 2019. In this video, Kelly Beerman, Assistant Director of Admissions, offers a step-by-step guide to applying for Campership. Don’t have time for a video? Feel free to call (802-422-3761) or email us. We look forward to answering your questions.    

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News & Announcements January Board Meeting

The Farm & Wilderness Board meets four times a year – in a major northeast city in January and in Vermont in May, August (on the day before Fair), and October. According to the F&W By-Laws, the Board is “responsible for the investment, use, and expenditure of all funds and property of the corporation and […]

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Barn Day Camp 8 Things Over 80 Years

This summer we are celebrating 80 years of summer camp!! Over those many years, Farm & Wilderness camps and campers have been many things. This year, we’d like to hear your 8 fondest memories from Farm & Wilderness.  To kick this off, F&W lifer, Sam Arfer is sharing 8 things you may not know about […]

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News & Announcements A Year in Pictures

Before we turn our eyes to summer 2019, we want to take a moment and look back.  Check out our top ten most liked photos on Instagram from 2018.      

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Uncategorized Farm & Wilderness as a Launching Pad

Flose Boursiquot found herself a Saltash Mountain Camp counselor for one transformative summer. “Everybody is so unique. SAM camp is small but also vast. The campers look forward to SAM camp all year. They were appreciative, and they asked really deep questions.” What was supposed to just be a summer turned into 6 months as […]

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Timberlake Camper Completes Grand Circuit Swim in 1:27

Anything is possible at Timberlake. Our campers show us this every summer and Jacob Levin is a prime example. Jacob starting on a swim team around the same time he started at Timberlake. He was a “normal” kid at the waterfront jumping off the docks and the rope swing. He saw other campers getting their […]

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Uncategorized Community Coming Together

What a summer! Three out of 4 summer staff (75%) participated in F&W’s giving program and collectively gave over $2,700 dollars — that’s over half of the tuition for one session at camp! We’re so grateful to our hard-working staff and inspired by their generosity and commitment. “This place changes lives. I would love to […]

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Timberlake The Al Hicks Kitchen at Timberlake

By Christian Pruitt, Timberlake Head Cook I have known the kitchens at Timberlake over many years, having first raided the freezer for ice cream as a camper at Tamarack Farm, and now having worked as a cook many summers since 1997. Anyone who cooked, cleaned or maintained the old kitchen in recent years will agree […]