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Red Spruce Grove A Mountain Meadow

Red Spruce Grove is the newest member of the Farm & Wilderness family. We are a small wilderness community for girls 11-14. This summer was full of productive projects, learning new skills and friendship building! Our big projects this summer included two new physical landmarks in our meadow: an A-frame structure and a firewood shed. […]

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Timberlake Pause. Breathe. Remember our Silent Meeting Circle.

Life has a habit of getting rather busy right about now. Pause. Breathe. Remember our Silent Meeting Circle. Remember when the leaves and sky got more of your attention than your phone.  Remember discussing the difference between fun and joy when we made our Mission statement. I wanted to share Seth Godin’s Blog on Pleasure […]

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Timberlake Getting Lost in the Woods of Brooklyn, NY

Our intrepid group met on the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library on Grand Army Plaza and departed at 10:45 am We dipped into the park, heading off for the “Vale of Cashmere”. None of us, including myself, had ever done this before. I didn’t know if it was going to be a rather pedestrian […]

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Indian Brook Extending the Harvest

As we settle back into the places we find comfortable and call home, the change in seasons can provide a great moment for reflection on how we shape the spaces around us. Have you been missing the lessons from your OWLS and NEWTS activities? Have you found ways to bring those skills into the community […]

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News & Announcements Summer 2017 Comes to a Close

Every summer ends with reflections.  This year on the night before Fair over 200  community members gathered for moving and memorable words and songs inspired by the F&W experience across generations. An Indian Brook alumna shared  an experience as a senior lodger, which she has previously performed on the Moth stage. A Timberlake alumnus from […]

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Tamarack Farm Bringing Tamarack Farm Home

How can one explain how a community comes together for seven weeks, the highs and lows, the silliest moments and the most beautiful, and what we accomplished? What will campers say when asked what they did this summer? What did they learn about themselves and others? It’s hard to succinctly explain what we do at […]

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Flying Cloud Magic on the Mountain

As the summer draws to a close, the Clearing is busy with the sounds of campers playing, crafting, and getting ready to take their own piece of Flying Cloud with them out into the rest of the world. The end of the summer is always bittersweet, but at FC, we’ve been almost too busy to […]

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Saltash Mountain Saltash Mountain is a Place of Love…

Our most raucous nights (the SAM square dance and an all-camp game called “wild people”) is followed by our most peaceful morning, “silent breakfast.” Campers wake-up and no one speaks. Cabins are cleaned and no one speaks. Tables are set and no one speaks. Campers hug, nod, and see each other for the first time […]

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Timberlake Perfection Shining Through

Tonight is Spy Night! On Spy Night, a camper who is a “secret spy” comes back to his table and sees a message written on their plate. Anagrams on the wall in huge red letters shift from “Sing It Python” to eventually “Spy Night Tonight.” Tomorrow is Harvest Meal. A meal made with herbs and […]