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Farm News Growing Winter Vegetables

Outside snow is on the ground and temperatures are falling below 0, but that doesn’t stop our greens from growing (or at least hanging on for life!) in our hoop houses. Despite the climate here in zone 4, it is still very much possible to keep some vegetables alive throughout the winter season! Crop and […]

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Flying Cloud Ice Cutting: A Transformative Time

Seeing a fond and familiar place in an unfamiliar light is like undertaking a new journey with an old friend – it deepens old bonds and forges new ones, strengthening a connection in beautiful and unexpected ways. To visit Flying Cloud during the winter is to undertake such a journey. Warm grass and soft earth […]

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Community Stories 7 Reasons You’ll Want to Work at F&W

Dreaming of a summer job? Farm & Wilderness might be perfect for you. Here are seven reasons why Farm & Wilderness summer camps is a terrific place to work: No Typical Dress Code You can wear your shorts to the office all summer. Stay in sandals all day, or even go barefoot, if you choose.  […]

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Flying Cloud Ben’s Flying Cloud Experience

Camper Ben wrote about his experience as a Flying Cloud camper for a school project. His honesty and humor make this excerpt a must-read for anyone who has been to camp or is thinking about going. Big thanks to Ben for sharing his writing with all of us! “As for school, it is a long […]

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News & Announcements Board Meeting Agenda Jan. 25, 2020

The Farm & Wilderness Board meets four times a year – in a major northeast city in January (in D.C. 2020) and in Vermont in May, August (on the day before Fair), and October. According to the F&W and Ninevah By-Laws, the Board is “responsible for the investment, use, and expenditure of all funds and […]

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Frequently Asked Questions Campership (a.k.a Financial Aid) 101

Campership has been an integral part of Farm & Wilderness. Since the very beginning, Ken and Susan Webb were committed to a diverse and accessible camp community. They knew that camp is enriched and strengthened by an inclusive population and today we are as committed as ever to making camp as accessible as possible. Here’s […]

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Saltash Mountain Rock of Ages

Before SAM Lodge was SAM Lodge, it was the site of a cabin for Clarence and Maggie Davis and their children and grandchildren, who stayed there in the summers throughout the 1950s. Back then, Bruce Stryhar was a young boy, and he spent his days running about in the Ninevah woods. One summer, the family […]

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Indian Brook Martyne Inspires Generations of Campers

Imagine two counselors running, and one says to the other, “Hey, can we stop for a snack?” “Sure!” is the reply, then both counselors sit down, take off their shoes and begin chomping on their toenails. The first counselor exclaims, “This sure tastes good, but it could use some salt!” at which point the second […]

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Questers 4 Reasons We Love Questing

Here are four things we love about the Questers program: 1. Lifelong Friendships: Hiking the Long Trail brought us closer as a group and community. Eva Clews (IB ’11-’13, SAM ’15-’16, Questers ’17) recounts, “we were all friends by the end, we supported each other in hard times and celebrated in the awesome moments, making […]