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Community Stories Three Bears Chicken Recipe from the SAM kitchen

Courtesy of Sam Arfer 1. Lay out your favorite form of chicken (dark meat, white meat, bone-in, wings, boneless) in a baking dish. 2. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper and bake at 350 until almost done (chicken must be cooked to an internal temperature of 165). 3. While it’s cooking, whisk together these three […]

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Community Stories Making Art in Nature: Andy Goldsworthy Style

Andy Goldsworthy is a famous environmentalist who creates incredible statues using nature as his medium while in the outdoors. In a recent article, he explains five lessons that creatives can learn. They are: Don’t copy, embrace discomfort/always push yourself, understand your materials, dig deep, and trust the ones you love. You can see some of […]

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Flying Cloud A Look at Bird Migration

Hey everyone, Spring is in full swing up here in Vermont, and as the temperatures poke up into the 50s and 60s in the Burlington area it starts to look even more like summer. When I look around outside I see that the tender young leaves have just burst through the opposite buds of the […]

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Flying Cloud How to Make Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut! What a wonderful way to eat cabbage. And a camp favorite at FC. Wondered how you could make your own ‘crunchy ocean’ (as RSG campers call it) at home? Well, wait no longer! This activity takes less than an hour, and in a week’s time, you will have something strange and delicious to eat […]

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gear Walking Stick Activity

Make a Walking Stick If you are like me, as we start having these nice spring days, I am eager to be treading in the woods and hiking up mountains.  Something that is even more fun than donning my hiking boots for that first trek of the season is finding a stick and fashioning it […]

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Indian Brook “Where I’m From” School Assignment

When Indian Brook camper Vivian Russell was told to write a school assignment with the topic “Where I’m From”, this is what she wrote. We love seeing the joys of camp pop up throughout the school year. Great work, Vivian!  

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Farm News F&W Maple Syrup

As April comes with a promise of spring on the horizon, there are two things on every Vermonters mind: mud and maple syrup. For us here at Farm & Wilderness, this means gearing up to climb the ridge above camps. Our sugar bush is a particularly steep one and still covered with snow and ice […]

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Community Stories Woodstock Area Relief Fund

This letter comes to us from Farm & Wilderness community members Jim and Mac Berkman and Tesha Buss and explains a great way to support our town of Plymouth and the surrounding areas. — We are writing to you today representing a group of Plymouth volunteers trying to get the word out about the Woodstock […]

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Reflection Remembering Songs from the 50s

Robert Kaplan, a Timberlake camper in the 1950s, sent us this look back on camp and his love of the songs. Sit down and join us on a trip down memory lane. For me, it all began at the start of Summer 1950 when my parents brought me (age 10), my older brother, Kenneth, and […]