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Tamarack Farm Bringing Tamarack Farm Home

How can one explain how a community comes together for seven weeks, the highs and lows, the silliest moments and the most beautiful, and what we accomplished? What will campers say when asked what they did this summer? What did they learn about themselves and others? It’s hard to succinctly explain what we do at […]

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Flying Cloud Magic on the Mountain

As the summer draws to a close, the Clearing is busy with the sounds of campers playing, crafting, and getting ready to take their own piece of Flying Cloud with them out into the rest of the world. The end of the summer is always bittersweet, but at FC, we’ve been almost too busy to […]

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Saltash Mountain Saltash Mountain is a Place of Love…

Our most raucous nights (the SAM square dance and an all-camp game called “wild people”) is followed by our most peaceful morning, “silent breakfast.” Campers wake-up and no one speaks. Cabins are cleaned and no one speaks. Tables are set and no one speaks. Campers hug, nod, and see each other for the first time […]

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Timberlake Perfection Shining Through

Tonight is Spy Night! On Spy Night, a camper who is a “secret spy” comes back to his table and sees a message written on their plate. Anagrams on the wall in huge red letters shift from “Sing It Python” to eventually “Spy Night Tonight.” Tomorrow is Harvest Meal. A meal made with herbs and […]

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Questers Trading in Boats for Boots

The Adirondack Classic Questers have finished the first and longest leg of their journey. They passed off their canoes to SAM Camp and have headed out on their hiking portion. Canoeing was a success! Formerly novice paddlers are now competent in head winds. There were many portages and campers quickly took to the challenges. Everyone […]

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Saltash Mountain Second Session is in Full Swing at SAM Camp!

After arriving on opening day, campers prepared for their cabin trips by packing out food and gear, practicing canoe skills, and bonding with their groups. Campers and trip leaders returned from their two-night adventure eager to reconnect with those they hadn’t seen in a few days. We spent our first evening back together watching each […]

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Timberlake Session Two is Flying By….

Halfway checkpoint – Clear! A1 session campers of Alder cabin leave tomorrow and the oldest campers are busy decorating the lodge with panache and flair in Harry Potter style. They filed in to be sorted into a house and lo and behold, they all ended up in “House Alder!” There have been swim lessons, carving […]

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News & Announcements Building Community by Dancing, Working, and Having Fun Together.

What do the Zodiac, a bonfire, and 50’s diner have in common? Over the last two weeks, Barn Day Campers danced to the Zodiac in wacky attire (Topsy Turvy Tuesday for BDC insiders); Flying Cloud campers toted bundles of wood in their arms, and teamed up for heavier logs for the bonfire at their first […]

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Barn Day Camp Social Justice at the BDC

Here is a snippet some of the many things we are doing to further social justice at the BDC. While we may plan some activities, most of the work happens around things that the campers are saying. This summer we’ve had a multitude of conversations around race, gender, wealth, and all sorts of things that […]