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Camp Events Join Us At A Fall Open House – Oct. 9 & 10

This year, we will be hosting a Fall Open House. featuring tours of our camps for new and returning families, a scheduled hike, and visits to the Farm!

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News & Announcements Summer 2021 Video Message!!

Please watch our video that shares moments from our Special Edition Summer!

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News & Announcements Summer’s End!

Our Board received a summer wrap up and a look forward into future plans!

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News & Announcements From “Attending TL” to “Becoming a TL-er”

This time of year always puts me in my head; thinking about the journey we just took together and starting to plan for the next summer.

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News & Announcements Moments From Our Special Edition Summer

Here are some highlights of our amazing F&W traditions!

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News & Announcements Trips n’ Skits

Campers returned from their long trips on Monday night and regaled us with tales of the trail. The hot, sunny weather this week–which has almost made us forget all about the colder beginning of the session–was the inspiration for SAM’s end-of-session skit projects

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Indian Brook Find Your “Someday…” Today!

Thank you for the privilege of caring for your children this summer. What a wondrous, adventurous, sweet and strong group the are! If you have the opportunity to join us for any of our events during the school year- please do. 

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Flying Cloud Trips, Banquets, Honoring and FC Words

Campers have settled in and know each others names, everyone is getting excited as we bring in new games, new activities, new songs. We just held our second Honoring, so now every one of us has a Flying Cloud blanket. And right around now, in the third week of camp, our little group starts to really feel like a community.

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News & Announcements Foraging and Flagpoles at RSG

It’s been an incredible summer, and I’m so grateful we’ve gotten to create this community together on our little homestead at RSG.