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News & Announcements #GivingTuesday

On Giving Tuesday, the global F&W community has an opportunity to come together, celebrate generosity, and make an impact. Today, you can give the gift of camp by donating online and joining our campership movement. You have the chance to triple the value of your gift to F&W’s campership fund thanks to Mags Henry (IB […]

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Camp Events Ice Cutting

Be a part of the time-honored tradition of cutting ice from the pond at Flying Cloud to store in the ice house! Your hard work will provide the sole source of refrigeration for Flying Cloud’s food the following summer! The days begin with an invigorating hike through the snow up to camp, then working in […]

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Questers 5 Reasons We Love Questing

This year two groups of Long Trail Questers hiked 272 miles northbound from Massachusetts to Canada. During our 36 days on the trail we focused on becoming better leaders and learning about ourselves. Here are five things we love about the Questers program. Lifelong Friendships: Hiking the Long Trail brought us closer as a group […]

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Tamarack Farm Meaningful Work, Community Building, & Apprenticeships

At lunch one day, one teen excitedly explains how they worked with F&W resource staff to fix the exhaust on one of our camp vans. Another teen recounts lessons on mood versus tone from the creative writing apprenticeship. Other teens describe the physical health of a baby calf and her mom. The expanded apprenticeship program […]

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Camp Events Tamarack Farm 65th & SEWOCA Reunion: Sept. 14-16, 2018

Join your friends at Tamarack Farm for many of the activities you remember – singing, hiking, canoeing and more – with plenty of time for visiting friends and sharing stories. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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Saltash Mountain 20 Sessions of SAM

On a rainy, August afternoon on the SAM lodge porch, Jeff Bounds sips a cup of coffee, answers calls, juggles logistics, and recounts the last ten summers as the SAM director. “We have a new Mac-O-Back. The lodge has been bright- ened up,” says Jeff. “That’s really all that has changed.” In 2008, Jeff made […]

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News From Our Executive Director From the Director

How many staff members does it take to wrangle a rutting ram and a billy goat? Baltic, our ram, was an easy capture, since his penchant for running amok isn’t what it used to be. But, Andy, our visiting billy, had other ideas. Nine people and one and a half hours later, the excited animals […]

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Red Spruce Grove A Mountain Meadow

Red Spruce Grove is the newest member of the Farm & Wilderness family. We are a small wilderness community for girls 11-14. This summer was full of productive projects, learning new skills and friendship building! Our big projects this summer included two new physical landmarks in our meadow: an A-frame structure and a firewood shed. […]

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Timberlake Pause. Breathe. Remember our Silent Meeting Circle.

Life has a habit of getting rather busy right about now. Pause. Breathe. Remember our Silent Meeting Circle. Remember when the leaves and sky got more of your attention than your phone.  Remember discussing the difference between fun and joy when we made our Mission statement. I wanted to share Seth Godin’s Blog on Pleasure […]