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News & Announcements Goodbyes, Hellos & a Bear

This weekend, starting on Friday we say goodbye to the first session overnight campers, while welcoming the second session folks. Our “end-to-end” Long Trail Questers groups, the Taylors and Robins, are about 150 miles into their journey. Full season campers are in for a treat, with an all-camp activity in Killington, then camp games and […]

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Flying Cloud Our Second Honoring

Monday night SAM camp joined us at the Cloud for our second Honoring Ceremony of the summer. Our campers graced us with another beautiful fire and spoke with love and reverence for the best and truest qualities of those Questers for which the fire burned. These Words capture the beauty and truth that was spoken […]

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Flying Cloud Pick-up, Drop-off & Visiting Day Details!

Hard to believe we are just about at our half-way mark! Many of you will be coming to camp this weekend to pick-up, drop-off, or visit – follow the link below for details! Drop-off, Pick-up & Visiting Day Details!

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Tamarack Farm Teens are Hiking and Canoeing This Week

This week most Tamarack Farmers are out on trips! Our teens are spending these summer days hiking in the Green Mountains or canoeing in the Adirondacks of New York. Before they left I asked the group why they think we go out on wilderness trips. The answers they had were great: Because people grow & […]

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Indian Brook An everyday celebration!

By Alexis Charney, IB Program Director Given the 120 campers joining us this session we have to get creative how we celebrate birthdays. Our Unbirthday party tradition at IB is inspired from the Mad Hatter and March Hare of Alice in Wonderland. In the film, these characters imagine what it might be like to celebrate the remaining 364 days […]

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Timberlake The Memories that Endure Decades

Younger campers and their trip leaders returned delighted from their trips. They saw wildlife, had warm sunny days and comfortable nights and got to connect with a whole different group of people out in nature. Lots of the appreciation beads given out at council fire were related to bonding that happened on trips. It was […]

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Tamarack Farm Teens Problem Solving at Tamarack Farm

When teens are offered the opportunity to problem solve the results are often astounding. Today’s youth are inundated with data (as those who purchase their data plans know). Tamarack Farm gives them a place away from this constant input and trusts them to problem solve and create. We’ve seen many young people step up this […]

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Barn Day Camp Topsy Turvy Tuesday

Yesterday, we had our first Topsy Turvy Tuesday of the year! Topsy Turvy Tuesday is a beloved tradition at the Barn Day Camp.  The whole morning is – you guessed it – topsy and turvy.  Campers and staff dress in costumes, have special activities (like the giant water-slide) with a group of campers different than […]

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Saltash Mountain SAM Skit at Interdependence Day

From Colleen Bumford, SAM Assistant Director The preparation for our Interdependence Day skit was a whirlwind of activity here at SAM. We began the skit-writing process with a brainstorming meeting between campers and staff over lunch. In a matter of just 3 days were “on stage” at the base of the hill performing in front […]