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Red Spruce Grove

Three weeks is the blink of an eye to the towering Spruces, and an entire lifetime for the fleeting wildflowers. It is incredible to see how our community has grown and flourished in these past three weeks.

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Flying Cloud Honoring in the August Session

We had our first and only Honoring of second session 2019 a few days ago, and the fire is still smoldering despite some intermittent rain. The fire isn’t the only thing the rain hasn’t put out – spirits are high at Flying Cloud.

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Timberlake The Final Four

I’ve been saying all summer to staff and campers that greatness awaits. During the final four, it finally arrives. Epic Camp magic for real, y’all.

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Indian Brook Indian Brook’s Whirlwind Week!

Harvest, a time for gathering and for saying goodnight but not goodbye…

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Indian Brook Valuing the Journey …

One of the aspects of F&W that I most appreciate is getting to work with older staff (many of whom have been former campers) who have had incredibly adventurous and accomplished lives.

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Saltash Mountain A Kitchen View of SAM Camp

The SAM kitchen is a beautiful place where I spend most of the time. As a cook here at SAM camp, my view is often truncated to the windows and doors of this place. However, as I’ve chopped and baked these days of summer away, I’ve realized I might have the best view of all.

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Tamarack Farm Activism Panel, Spanish Day and other TF Highlights  

There is so much that happens in a week at Tamarack Farm that it is hard to pick what to write about in this week’s blog.  Here are the highlights from the past four days. Even though this blog is long, I still feel like you are getting just a tiny glimpse into TF.

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News From Our Executive Director Musings on Our Final Week

As our summer winds down, I’m trying to absorb all of the possible sensory treasures around me at F&W as I make my final camp visits in these precious days before campers depart Sunday. Campers have been busy developing their skills: Axing limbs in the woods, hammering nails on their work projects and becoming stronger […]

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Indian Brook Trips, Skits and “Wonkaland”

Indian Brook has been buzzing with activity this past week! Big and First lodges have completed their three-and four-day trips, Senior Lodge has departed on their five-day trips, all lodges dug deeper into their activity areas and apprenticeships, and we held our treasured Indian Brook event of “Someday”. Trips are an integral part of the […]