Programs & Activities

Indian Brook is a camp for over 100 girls, aged 9-14. Each girl is exposed to activities that will strengthen her body, encourage her creativity, pique her curiosity, and reveal to her many unknown skills and areas of interest. She is encouraged to try new things, challenge herself and take appropriate risks. These might be physical (like swimming in the lake or backpacking in the rain) or social (like singing alone at a Cocoa House, or meeting new people from different places).

Outdoor Living Skills (OLS)

Campers are challenged to learn hard skills around making a fire and shelter, as well as finding water in the wilderness. They learn knots, ax and knife safety, plant and animal identification and other skills, but also get to play and hopefully fall in love with wild places!


Indian Brook has a robust trips program with hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and even some service trips. A big part of our program is learning the skills for ‘Leave No Trace’ camping, exploring group dynamics and leadership, and learning to cook and live on the trail.

Barns and Gardens

Milking animals, weeding carrots, caring for new piglets, collecting eggs for breakfast, making butter, and harvesting green beans for dinner on our spectacular organic farm gives girls an in-depth understanding of where their food comes from and teaches them to become stewards of the land.


Girls are encouraged to enjoy the waterfront in a variety of ways. Younger girls will participate in swim clinics (grouped by  their swimming abilities) that are taught by our instructors. Older girls will have the opportunity to engage in the waterfront through a swimming or canoeing apprenticeship. Everyone is encouraged to challenge themselves to swim distances, or play and engage in waterfront games with our trained waterfront staff.

Work Projects

For girls, learning how to handle tools can be a great new skill. Campers can be involved in large and small building projects; from bird houses, benches and tables, to a new tree house.

Creative Arts

IB is a vibrant place of creativity and fun—from daily singing and music, to our pottery or fiber arts program, to garden and woods arts, to quiet drawing. Girls engage in and explore a wide variety of creative arts from zany to technical.

Games & Community Building

Campers have many non-competitive sports and traditional camp games we play; from ‘Wild Women in the Woods’ to ‘Spy Night’. But raucous fun is balanced with quiet reflection; we also have Silent Meeting and evening activities where girls have a chance to talk about social pressures, personal identities, and learn to respect and celebrate one another and the power of identity and using our voices.