A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN Indian Brook Camper

As sunlight streams into their three-sided cabins, campers awaken and tend to farm animals or set tables in the dining hall. When everyone arrives for a meal, the IB Lodge hums with music, laughter and movement. Next there is Silent Meeting for quiet reflection, and then campers are off to various morning activities.

After lunch and rest hour, campers chose an afternoon activity, from rock climbing to beading to building cabin shelves to harvesting strawberries – adventure beckons!

As the evening descends, campers join together for card games, storytelling, letter writing or group lullabies. There may be serious conversations about civil rights, food security, and environmental stewardship, or campers may share their personal experiences about growing up in today’s world. The cabins grow quiet at bedtime, with flashlights flickering up-and-down the hillside. Eventually, the only glow is from the moon and dancing fireflies.