Indian Brook

3½ or seven-week sessions, with a two-week option for new 9 or 10-year-old campers at Woodward Reservoir in Plymouth, Vermont.

The Wilderness Program, now known as Red Spruce Grove, is a 15-day adventure offered for the July and/or August sessions. This wilderness program is for campers ages 11-14 in Plymouth, Vermont.

Indian Brook is a place for girls to find friendship, adventure, and support in a non-competitive environment. Campers live in open cabins with seven or eight others and two counselors. The whole camp sings favorite songs after breakfast, then sits together in Silent Meeting before going off for morning activities. Activity areas include Creative Arts, Outdoor Living skills, Rocks and Ropes, Work Projects (carpentry), Barns & Gardens, and the Waterfront.

Throughout the week, a girl might be learning new skills or exploring established interests, whether practicing guitar, tying complex climbing knots, operating the circular saw, or beading with a group of friends. All campers go on at least one trip during the summer, ranging from a two-night hiking trip to a four-night wilderness trip. Evenings in camp might find everyone running through the woods in an all-camp game, performing skits at the talent night, or thoughtfully discussing a social  issue with their age group.


 red spruce grove (formerly the INDIAN BROOK WILDERNESS Program)

Does a wilderness adventure call to you? Do you envision a summer under the stars, telling stories around night fires, and living only by the rhythms of the earth without even watches and flashlights?

This opportunity runs twice in the summer (July and/or August) and is geared for campers ages 11-14, offering a small group of girls an opportunity to venture into the wilderness. Campers will create a meadow home,cooking meals over a fire, creating livable shelters, learning archery, and making usable items such as knives, baskets, and utensils.

This program immerses the girls in a high plateau camp in the wilderness near Lake Ninevah. This adventure will help them gain self sufficiency, awareness, and personal insights. They also will live together mindfully and gain an appreciation of living and working together in a small community. The campers start off together at Indian Brook before hiking nine miles to their remote site. They return to camp having formed a sweet sisterhood of community, self reliance, and excitement about sharing their experiences and knowledge with other camps.

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This program has a SEPARATE REGISTRATION from Indian Brook on our camper registration system. Please contact Admissions if you have any questions about the registration process.