IB Vermont Summer Camp
Girls & Gender Non-Binary, Ages 9-14

Spirited campers, meaningful actions.
A fierce, fun-loving community

IB Outdoor Adventure Beckons

Playfulness is a part of IB with campers swimming in salad bowls, taking bubble baths in a pickup, and attending a goat wedding. So is the opportunity for campers to learn new skills; playing guitar, backpacking, and performing skits while they gain lasting friendships, self-awareness and resolve.

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IB Summer Camp Dates

Full Session July 3rd-August 14th $9,100
July Session July 3rd-July 23rd $5,700
J1 Session* July 3rd-July 13th $2,800
August Session July 25th-August 14th $5,700
A1 Session* July 25th-August 4th $2,800

*The J1 & A1 sessions are offered for first time 9 or 10 year old overnight campers at IB.

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IB Camp Activities

At IB, campers develop an appreciation of their strength, competence, and creativity. They explore the fullness of their identity, redefine failure, and build on success.  They learn new skills; pottery, weaving, and carpentry while they gain lasting friendships, self-awareness, and resolve. Our Vermont summer camp for girls aims to inspire personal growth in campers while provoking curiosity, fierceness, and an action-oriented attitude.

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“I like that our daughter was surrounded by strong and confident people and encouraged to source her fire and do bold things and be adventurous."


IB Gender Inclusive Summer Camp

At Farm & Wilderness, we offer all campers the opportunity to choose a camp environment that best supports their gender identity. Indian Brook is a gender inclusive summer camp for those that identify as female or gender non-binary. Like all of the camps in the Farm & Wilderness system, IB provides gender education and a safe space for campers to share their thoughts on gender, and to become familiar with others’ experiences.

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