Sending your child to camp can be a miraculous and nerve-wracking experience. Here at F&W we understand that coming to camp, especially the first time, can be a tremendous leap of faith for you and for your child. You may find yourself asking yourself “Will my child be physically and emotionally cared for?”; “Will my child make friends?”; or “Will my child be loved and appreciated for the amazing person she is?”

We want to help you feel as comfortable as you can while you take the plunge. F&W is a place where the physical and emotional well-being of children is of paramount importance. In addition to being skilled camp staff, many of our summer employees are educators and/or parents. Many of our summer staff members have had years of experience helping kids make a successful transition to camp.

The F&W office and camp staff are here to answer your questions, provide information, and help ease any concerns you may have about camp. The fact is, the majority of kids will have a smooth and easy entry into life at F&W, and you will realize that you, also, can survive their absence. Watch out– Your next problem will be figuring out how to get them to come home!