What to Bring

Packing for Adventures!

Unplugging: Flying Cloud leads a simple life in some specific ways. We don’t use any electronics at all; this includes flashlights, watches, and any item that runs on electricity, no matter how its generated. The one exclusion to this rule is digital cameras. Please turn off the instant review function and remember to not send a memory card filled with pictures from home, we want our community members to live in the moment. A printed photo is a great memory to bring from home, not gigabytes of them.

Choose Your Vessel: Trunks are nostalgic and useful. However, they do not ship well and cannot be taken on the bus to F&W from NYC .

Duffel bags a are wonderful choice for Flying Cloud.

Label Everything:  Each camper brings hundreds of items, so that’s potentially tens of thousands of things that could be misplaced or mixed up at camp. If an item is labeled, it has a better chance of being returned.

Laundry Service: Each camper may contribute clothing to the cabin’s laundry bag that is sent away, cleaned and dried at a local facility.

Simple Living: Think practicality, comfort and affordability. Borrowing equipment and clothing is a great alternative to buying a brand new item. We encourage our campers to explore, so please pack practical clothing that can get dirty. The less envy-making our gear is, the less comparing campers do and fewer conversation the counselors will have facilitate. Finally, it is liberating not to care the state that a camper’s clothing is in when it returns home because it was a thrift store find!

Summary: Leave valuables at home, label everything, think practicality, affordability and comfort.

Please let us know how we can help!

Please refer to the complete packing list here for information and details on what to bring to camp this summer.

For more information about camping equipment, please go here.