Camper Stories & Parent Testimonials

The camper and parent testimonials below are taken directly from feedback forms that are filled out at the end of each summer. The creative spelling and grammar have been left intact, edited only for clarity.

From Campers

“Although it is impossible to describe it in words, I will say this: I have grown (physically and mentally) more than I have at any other camp outside and in F&W. FC has helped me find not only who I am, but it has also helped me gain skills on how to live closely with other people.”

“The closest community I have ever seen and experienced.”

“It makes the people who go there stronger and more confident and bonds them into a community that lasts into the outside world.”

From Parents

“It is hard to measure the growth of our children. The kids have gone through a transformation of some sort. The ability to empathize is most apparent. As siblings/family members they also learned to appreciate each other’s presence. I can’t articulate the dynamics behind all these changes. It just happened.”

“At FC, F&W gives freedom, trust, a sense of being in the moment, not too many rules, simplicity and good values, a place to be yourself.”

“Instill the sense of service and responsibility as young man. Understanding the real meaning of brotherhood and respect.”

“The FC values and daily life harmonize very well with him. His best qualities were affirmed and found meaningful expression, camp was fun, too. Bare feet, no clocks, huge fires, positive attention from young men to look up to, real work, space to be dirty.”