A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A Flying Cloud Camper

A Flying Cloud day begins with the sun sparkling through the trees and lighting up the clearing. Camp activities begin with a circle, where our Spirit Keeper, a senior camper, leads the community of voices in an appreciation.

Before breakfast, campers collect firewood, bake bread, work in the garden, and hand pump water from the well. Once breakfast is made, the cook crew summons everyone together with the treble of a conch shell. The meal is tasty – warm beans, fresh bread or other yumminess. Whatever it is, we eat it happily in the sunshine or under the canopy of our open-air Round House. After breakfast and Silent Meeting – a period of reflection, meditation and relaxation – we do morning activities until lunch time.

After lunch and rest period, which carries us through the hottest part of the day, there is free time for campers to work on a project. This may be practicing a musical instrument, doing a pencil drawing, improving tracking skills or starting a fire using friction.

Afternoon activities include diving into a new project or continuing to work on one. Sometimes campers and staff venture out to pick blueberries on a nearby mountaintop or swim in Lake Ninevah. Other times, we do work projects around camp such as building a shelter or clearing a trail.

Evening includes a filling meal, such as stew and fresh bread make in our fire-stoked oven, and then the community gathers for an all-camp activity. This is a chance to burn off some energy with an FC game of Sticks (FC version of Capture the Flag) or Battle Ball (dodge ball) or inventing a new one. Dusk brings us back together and everyone is encouraged to share a special part of their day.