Flying Cloud

3½ or seven-week sessions
Saltash Mountain in Plymouth, Vermont

Flying Cloud is an intimate camp for boys interested in a rustic summer of living in the woods. Campers and staff together run their own unplugged community on the side of Salt Ash Mountain. Flying Cloud is almost entirely powered by human hands.

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At Flying Cloud, boys live in tipis or yurts with three other boys and a counselor. With staff, the campers take responsibility for the daily tasks of an off-the-grid wilderness community: pumping water, bringing ice from the ice house, and cooking over an open fire with the rest of the cooking crew. Responsibility for the basic tasks of daily life is thrilling to campers, who rise to the challenge and fly beyond it. Campers choose morning and afternoon activities which appeal to them, including wilderness skills, hiking, games, storytelling, and crafts such as ceramics, knife making, and beading.

Often the Flying Cloud clearing will be filled with small activity groups of boys making bark baskets, antler-handled knives, gourd water bottles, or wooden necklaces. Later in the day, the clearing will ring with shouts as the whole camp joins in a raucous game of Capture the Flag or Dodge ball. Flying Cloud’s traditions, such as the morning and evening circles for appreciation, provide a time of reflection and thanksgiving for others which contribute to the strong community at FC. The tasks and pleasures of living in a remote setting combine with the reflective traditions of F&W to make a powerful experience for boys. Through living in a very rustic place, they push their own limits and find that the land has the ability to sustain them. Flying Cloud campers are proud of the skills they learn, the friends they make, and the traditions of the camp.