Come to Camp! We'll Do Our Best To Help

Farm & Wilderness has long been committed to making camp affordable for as many children as possible. Camperships (our term for financial aid) provide some assistance to families who cannot afford full tuition.

These grants supplement the amount paid by families and generally range from 10% to 30% of the total tuition. The campership program is open to people of any race, color, or socioeconomic background. The amount awarded is based on the financial need of each family as well as the availability of funds.

The campership awards given each year to registered families are chosen by a committee. The committee reviews all applications and determines how best to distribute the available funds. Depending on the volume of applications each year, it may not be possible to meet all requests for assistance.

You have the option of completing the campership application either online or on paper. We prefer that both the registration and campership application arrive at the same time. However, the application can come later as long as we receive it by the deadline.

If you apply online, you will find the application under the forms section of your online account. Please use the same account that you use to register your child for camp.

Paper Forms

2019 Overnight Campership Form – Due January 15th, 2019 – CLICK HERE

2019 Barn Day Camp Campership Form – Due May 1st, 2019 – CLICK HERE

How and when do I apply?

Once you have completed the registration process for one of our camp sessions, you are then able to complete a campership application. Families have the option of submitting the application online through their online account or by completing our paper form listed above. If you need assistance with submitting an application, please do not hesitate to call or email admissions.

I have applied, now what?

Admissions will submit your application to the committee for consideration. The committee will meet at the beginning of February to decide how to distribute the campership funds available for that year. Each year the total requested amount has been more than we have available to give, so the committee works hard to make sure that each family’s needs are met as much as possible.

What happens after the committee makes decisions?

The admissions department will notify you by a mailed letter on the outcome of your campership application. If you do not receive a letter by mid-February, please call us immediately. If the award amount listed meets the needs of your family, please call or write to us before March 1st to accept the award. We will then apply the award to your tuition balance. If the award is not able to meet the needs of your family, you may decide to cancel your registration. If you must cancel, please call admissions before March 1st in order to receive a fully refunded deposit as we are not able to refund deposits or tuition payments after March 1st.

  • Campership applications must be completed online or on paper by January 15th for overnight camp and May 1st for the day camp. Applications received after those dates will not be considered.
  • The campership application form is separate and in addition to the registration forms.
  • Campers on a waiting list or with incomplete registrations (enrolled but not fully registered) will not be considered until registration is complete.
  • Most assistance is offered for half summer sessions. Full session applications may be considered, but are less likely to receive the full amount of requested aid.
  • Campership applications must be accompanied by a deposit; $500 for overnight or $100 for day camp.
  • If submitting a paper form, it MUST be accompanied by a fully completed paper registration with a deposit payment OR an online registration with deposit payment.
  • Families applying for overnight camp will be notified by mid-February about the decision made by the committee. If the award isn’t sufficient, all tuition payments and deposit will be refunded. However, there are no refunds made after March 1.
  • Families applying for Barn Day Camp will be notified by mid-May about the decision made by the Awards Committee. If the award isn’t sufficient, all tuition payments and deposit will be refunded. However, there are no refunds made after June 1st.

For information on retrieving your online account information, ask about our camp programs, or have questions about our registration process, please call or email our admissions staff at any time Monday-Friday during the hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Director of Admissions – Sam Arfer

Phone: 802-422-3761 Ext. 223
Email: [email protected]

Assistant Director of Admissions – Kelly Beerman

Phone: 802-422-3761 Ext. 222
Email: [email protected]