Work is Love Made Visible

The sign on the Tamarack Farm front porch says “Work is Love made Visible”. This is never truer than at an F&W Work Weekend, and if you’ve never attended one, you don’t know what you’re missing. Each weekend is complete with communal work projects, food, fun and a boisterous night of contra dancing.

Indigenous Peoples' Day Weekend Harvest

You will help the year-round F&W staff harvest the remaining crops and put the gardens to rest for the winter. In preparation for the impending cold weather and snow, you will chop and stack wood, secure all the camp lodges and buildings, remove the swimming docks, and store all the waterfront equipment. Housed at the Tamarack Farm lodge and cabins, you will enjoy delicious food, the company of old and new friends, hikes in the crisp fall air, and a beautiful display of Vermont foliage.

2017 Dates, October 6-9

Before you register, please read the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) for detailed information including fees and our cancellation policy.

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Registration will open in September.

To get more information about a particular work weekend, please email Melanie Gander [email protected] or call Erik Biornstad (802) 422-3761 XT 221.

President's Weekend Ice Cutting

You will be a part of the time-honored tradition of cutting ice from the pond at Flying Cloud to store in the ice house. Your hard work will provide the sole source of refrigeration for Flying Cloud’s food the following summer! The days begin with an invigorating hike through the snow up to FC, then working in teams to cut, haul and stack large ice blocks. You return to the Tamarack Farm lodge in the evening with sore muscles, but full of the sweet feeling that comes from being outside all day in the winter air. After hot cocoa, hot food, a sauna and singing, you will be ready for a night of dancing.

Memorial Day Weekend Spring Planting

With camp right around the corner, there is plenty of work for everyone. You will stay at the Tamarack Farm lodge and cabins, but there is work at every camp. The soil needs to be turned; seedlings transplanted from the greenhouse; new seeds sowed; camp buildings cleaned and opened up; and fallen trees from the winter storms cut, bucked, and stacked. Sometimes, we build new cabins or tent platforms. With hot days and cool evenings, it is a perfect time to play soccer at the fairgrounds, go for a hike up to the ridge, or test out the lake for a swim. Once again, Saturday evening you’ll find yourself tapping your toes to at the contra dance.