Summer Staff Job Opportunities

Spend your summer at one of Farm & Wilderness’s camps where you will have a summer like no other. A summer job with a purpose.

The primary focus of all camp staff is to create an experience for our campers that is both magical and transformative.  Camp is non-stop.  Our jobs bear little resemblance to a normal clock in/ clock out and is a lived experience- staff are responsible for the care and guidance of young people for the summer.  They are caregivers and educators- allowing campers to see many sides of a problem/issue and foster questions and growth.  Staff are educators, facilitators, and role models every moment of every day.  Magical and transformative is different for everyone so we strive to learn and understand the uniqueness of our campers.

Expect the unexpected while working at camp, everything does not always go “as planned” and so we need to adjust and be flexible.   Working at Farm & Wilderness provides the opportunity to learn and practice problem solving in real time while being a part of a supportive community.  You can also expect to grow other professional skills including but not limited to communication, facilitation, leadership, time management, creativity, and public speaking.

Work Conditions

Many of our camp operational systems are rooted in sustainable practices to reduce our footprint on the land. Farm & Wilderness is known for its wilderness experiences; therefore, all staff (and campers) live in three-sided open-air cabins that are RUSTIC and do NOT have electricity.  Flashlights (or candles) will light your way at night, and you will sleep to the natural sounds of the forest. We also use composting outhouses (that we call Kybos); you will not have access to a flush toilet at camp.  To see pictures of cabins and kybos go HERE.  Our camp kitchens will provide healthy camp food products from our working organic farm including fruit, vegetables, and meat.  For more information on our commitment to sustainable practices go here.

Job Opportunities:

  • Cabin Counselors
  • Cabin Counselor/Trip Leaders
  • Cooks and Kitchen Staff
  • Camp Leadership Staff
  • Activity Coordinators (Waterfront, Barns & Gardens, Outdoor Living Skills, Work Projects, Creative Arts)
  • Lifeguards
  • Nurses/Medical Staff

Application and Questions

Our online application will be available in November, if you have any questions about working at camp, including our age and gender requirements; go to our FAQs below and/or contact our Human Resources Manager, Julie Sanderson, at

Need More Info? Questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Summer Job FAQ