Health, Safety, & MAGIC This Summer at Farm & Wilderness

This is your central resource for our latest communications regarding Farm & Wilderness operations, policies and guidelines for COVID-19 safety and prevention for families, campers, and staff.   

We feel incredibly fortunate to be in Vermont, where the state has taken a proactive approach to managing the pandemic.  All of us at Farm & Wilderness are dedicated to ensuring that this summer is healthy, safe, and magical for all of our campers—and staff!  It’s a team effort drawing on the experience and wisdom of our camp DirectorsRe-opening Task Force, medical and public health expertsand our Board of Trustees; and the guidance of the American Camp Association and Vermont Camp Association.    

Many of our policies are still in development so we encourage you to check back here and read our emails over the coming months to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.   

Please let us know if there is additional information you would like to see on our website related to our COVID-19-related camp plans by emailing us

You have questions...we have answers. Frequently Asked Questions


List of commonly asked questions for reopening camps for 2021. We will add to these if we see more questions come to us as we go along. If you have a question that is missing from this list, please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions department directly by email at or use our website live chat feature M-F between 8:30AM – 3:30 PM.

We will follow the State of Vermont’s current quarantine guidelines for summer camps.  We may adjust our policies as we get nearer to the outset of camp, based on new state guidance and requirementsrecommendations from our expert advisers and updated guidance from the American Camp Association (ACA).   

We are planning for all overnight campers to quarantine at the start of the session in small groups at their camp for a period designated by the State’s guidance, so overnight campers are not required to quarantine at home prior to arriving at camp 

Families coming from out of state who intend to drop off their overnight camper(s) at Farm & Wilderness are subject to any current cross state travel guidance, so if families plan to spend the night in VT either before or after they drop of their camper(s), they need to quarantine. The most up to date guidance can be found here. 

Barn Day campers and their families who come from out of state who will be staying in VT while camp is in session will need to comply with the current travel guidance from the State of Vermont as it relates to quarantine. You can find the most recent guidance here. 

Before coming to overnight or day camp, families and staff will be asked to change their behaviors for some period to minimize possible exposure to and transmission of COVID-19 regardless of whether they are living in/visiting VT or not. The state guidelines may require they maintain a home health logwhich would include taking a daily temperature check and monitoring for signs and symptoms of illness.  

We are still developing quarantine procedures for the Quester groups given the unique nature of that program. 

All families will receive detailed guidance later this spring related to pre-arrival quarantine expectations and requirements. 

Our current vaccination policy reflects the State of Vermont requirements for childcare facilities, and these state requirements pre-date COVID-19. To protect the health of all campers and staff, Farm & Wilderness asks all campers to be fully immunized before they arrive at camp. Families choosing not to have their children immunized for medical, religious or philosophical reasons must present a signed waiver attesting to their exemptions. A waiver form is available on our website.  Families using the immunization waiver should be aware that if an illness appears in camp from which a camper is not vaccinated, the camper will be sent home immediately, with no tuition refund.  

With regards to the COVID-19 vaccine, because it is not yet available for children and youth, we do not anticipate requiring that campers be vaccinated against COVID-19.  We will immediately notify families if there are any changes to our current vaccination policy.  Overnight campers will not be allowed to leave and return to camp to receive either a first, second or only dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

At this time, we strongly recommend that camp staff who have access to a COVID-19 vaccine be vaccinated.    

We request that only one family member travel with their camper(s) for actual drop off. We will employ a curbside drop off  where the family member remain in their car or next to their car as they say goodbye to their camper(s) before they depart. Physical distancing and masks will be required during drop off. We will stagger drop off times; families will receive their specific arrival times and the detailed procedures before they arrive. 

Our standard procedure in any year is to screen all campers and staff upon arrival. In addition to our normal intake screening process, we will do temperature checks , ask questions about any recent signs and symptoms of illness, and review any required pre-camp home health log.  

We require that we have complete and updated health information and physical health forms for each camper before arrival at camp. 

Yes.  However, COVID-19 testing technology is evolving quicklyand we have not yet determined the testing system and processes we will use.  We anticipate that we will be asking our campers and staff to obtain a COVID-19 test shortly before arrival at camp. Only staff and campers with a negative result on the pre-arrival diagnostic test will be allowed to come to camp. We anticipate testing campers and staff at overnight camps during the summer, but we have not yet finalized our plan.  

Yes, campers and staff will be required to wear masks and practice physical distancing as two of our main strategies to mitigate exposure to and transmission of COVID-19.  There will be times when masks are not required, at a minimum when campers and staff are eating, swimming and sleeping.     

We are in the process of developing our policies in these areas for overnight campers and staff and day campers and staff, and we hope to have our policies complete by early May, and families of all enrolled campers will receive a copy of our policies.  If a family disagrees with Farm & Wilderness’ intention to set specific mask-wearing and physically distancing policies for campers, we recommend that they do not enroll their children this summer.   

Yes. While the COVID-19 vaccines have proven effective at preventing severe disease, there is not yet strong evidence that vaccines prevent transmission of COVID-19.  Therefore, campers and staff who have received one or more dose of a COVID-19 vaccine will be required to follow Farm & Wilderness’ mask-wearing, physical distancing and other virus mitigation protocols. 

UPDATE: Most camp sessions either full or close to filling for this summer! Please register soon if you wish to come to camp with us this summer!

Check Camp Offerings and Session Availability

We currently plan to offer the following programs with modifications for summer 2021: Indian Brook, Timberlake, Saltash Mountain, Long Trail Questers, Classic Questers, Flying Cloud, Red Spruce Grove and Barn Day Camp.  

The difficult decision was made to pause Tamarack Farm programming for 2021. Please see the October 5, 2020 announcement for more information. 

Please visit the Family Information’ section for the most up to date registration information or check session availability for each camp. Due to COVID-19 safety considerations, camp capacities are limited. Please register early to secure your place. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions department directly at or through the website live chat feature M-F 8:30AM-3:30PM.

 Long Trail Quester and Classic Quester programs are both running. Please visit the Questers page for more information and check session availability.

Unfortunately we will not be running Family Camp this year.  We are looking forward to a joyous community gathering of families in 2022.

Our Admissions staff is currently available to answer any questions you may have by email at or by appointment on the phone. Our office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. You can also ask a question via the “chat” option on our website.  

Admissions staff can connect you with other departments if they are not able to answer your question. 

No, we won’t have any additional fees related to COVID-19.

In the unlikely event that camp is cancelled due to COVID-19 prior to the start of the 2021 season, we will offer a full refund.

For more information about deposits, tuition, and refund policies, visit our Dates & Rates page.

We anticipate the earliest Work Weekend event will take place fall 2021 for Fall Harvest. We will not be holding Ice Cutting or Spring Planting in 2021 before the summer. 

For more information about Ice Cutting, Spring Planting and Fall Harvest, visit the Events page of our website and on social media as more information becomes available for future events.

Camp facilities and property is not currently open for in-person  tours. Please contact for more information about how you can get sense of our facilities and the land surrounding our camps before you arrive to camp this summer.

Applications for summer 2021 are now available. Please visit the Summer Jobs page of our website for more information. You can also email for more information about our employment opportunities this year. 

Preparing for 2021

Interested in knowing what guidelines we are considering for campers and staff this summer?

Take a look at our latest update on our planning process for our camps and learn some of the ways in which our new Reopening Task Force is preparing everyone for a safe and healthy summer. This update includes many adaptations we are currently considering, including:

  • Arrival & Departure Procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment at Camp
  • Sanitation Protocols
  • And more….

November, 2020 – Update: Reopening Camp in 2021


If there is a specific item that you do not see in this update then be sure to check out our FAQ section below or give us a call.