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Community Stories 7 Reasons You’ll Want to Work at F&W

Dreaming of a summer job? Farm & Wilderness might be perfect for you. Here are seven reasons why Farm & Wilderness summer camps is a terrific place to work: No Typical Dress Code You can wear your shorts to the office all summer. Stay in sandals all day, or even go barefoot, if you choose.  […]

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Community Stories Ten TL-Specific Ways to Use Leftover Wrapping Paper 

Wallpaper The all-wood cabin style can be a bit stale. Why not cover the cabin walls completely with wrapping paper? TL Glamping! Council Fire Fun Use your imagination! Reuse your wrapping paper in a weird Council Fire act. (You know what we’re talking about) Harry Potter Find a stick. Wrap it. Call it a wand. […]

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Community Stories Young Memory Keepers Share Their Family’s Story

By Beacon, Age 9, and Eleanor Bassett-Taurel, Age 7, campers at the Barn Day Camp (with their mom, Lucy Bassett) Our grandfather, John Bassett, knew Susan Webb, who was one of the people who started the camps. And since then, people in our family have gone to or worked at F&W almost every summer. Our […]

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Community Stories Remember When?

…We Landed on the Moon…(and the TV in the Lodge was almost as incredible) Winship (Lee) Cook (IB Staff ’66-’71, ’69): Fifty years ago on July 20th, 1969, I was head of the waterfront at Indian Brook and, with the head of the waterfront from Timberlake, we lead the first coed canoe trip in the […]

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Community Stories A Celebration of Stories

We asked, you answered: what are your favorite camp memories?  Through snail mail, email, and over Facebook, you’ve been sharing your fondest memories of camp. Here, we’ve compiled your favorite stories from over 80 years of Farm & Wilderness. “When I was there,” Bill Schwarzchild (TL and SWC ‘49, ’50, ’52; Sr. Work Camp, ’53; […]

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Community Stories Remembering Prill Hinckley

By Susan Hinckley-Porter and Karen Campbell Our mother, Priscilla Hinckley, known to most as Prill, passed on to her final adventure this past January, at age 92, after a long and healthy life. She was an adventurer who lived life to the fullest, with an intensity not commonly found, optimism being one of her enduring […]

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Community Stories Mad Morgan’s Grave Stone

Reprinted from the Interim Archives, Winter 2004/ 2005 In the Spring 2004 Interim we reported a mysterious gravestone found up in the woods above the Fair Pavilion. The name wasn’t completely legible. We turned to the F & W Community for help! Former Sheriff Sam Frank had some excellent suggestions. Andy White put us on […]

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Community Stories An F&W Timeline

1939-’49 It all starts with a $500 lease by Ken & Susan Webb for 600-acres of old farmland on Woodward Reservoir. Timberlake, Indian Brook and Tamarack Farm are born. Fair begins as an alternative to visiting the state fair in Rutland, as gas was rationed during the war. 1960-’69 SAM Camp is formed on Lake […]

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Community Stories More Light, Still

By Kristi Webb, Trustee In 1939, the camp we now know as Timberlake was first called Mehrlicht. It probably tells you everything you need to know about my family that “mehr licht” (“more light”) were the last words of the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The camp name was given up after a couple of […]