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Community Stories Farm & Wilderness as a Launching Pad

Flose Boursiquot found herself a Saltash Mountain Camp counselor for one transformative summer. “Everybody is so unique. SAM camp is small but also vast. The campers look forward to SAM camp all year. They were appreciative, and they asked really deep questions.” What was supposed to just be a summer turned into 6 months as […]

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Community Stories Community Coming Together

What a summer! Three out of 4 summer staff (75%) participated in F&W’s giving program and collectively gave over $2,700 dollars — that’s over half of the tuition for one session at camp! We’re so grateful to our hard-working staff and inspired by their generosity and commitment. “This place changes lives. I would love to […]

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Community Stories Thank You!

We did it! We set a goal to raise $10,000 to grow campership increase the opportunity to share the gift of F&W with those who might not have the resources to attend. With your help, we raised over $28,000 to help provide additional campers the chance to attend F&W and be part of the transformative […]

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Community Stories Parent-Spy Extraordinaire!

By Sarah Klock, Second Session Photographer I have spent the last six summers saying goodbye to my children at the fence of the Barn Day Camp, the Trading Post at Timberlake, and more recently, the Round House at Flying Cloud. These partings are always a mixture of joy and nerves – how wonderful it is […]

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Community Stories Giving Tuesday is Going to be Huge!

Big news for Giving Tuesday!  Facebook and Paypal are giving away $7 million in a 1:1 match for Facebook fundraisers.  That means every $1 donated to Farm & Wilderness through Facebook is doubled. This applies to your own Facebook fundraisers too. Start your own Facebook fundraiser for F&W, Facebook and Paypal will match those gifts […]

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Community Stories Thank you!

We are so grateful to you, the F&W community, for all you are and all you do. Today, we celebrate the light in you!

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Community Stories A Farm & Wilderness Kitchen Secret Revealed!

On hot days, it can be a struggle to keep everyone in camp hydrated. On a typical morning, kids are scattered to the crafts barn, the lake, the field for an ultimate frisbee game, and the hammock. Although everyone has a water bottle, not everyone is good at remembering to carry it with them and […]

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Community Stories How Rainbow Rocks Got its Name

For many years during meeting for worship at TL, I had concentrated on a large outcropping of rock on the hill opposite the meeting area. I knew it wasn’t Mad Morgan’s Potato Patch but it looked like it might have a pretty good view of camp. So one day in 1971, I offered an afternoon […]

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Community Stories Introducing a **New** Electronic INTERIM

Farm & Wilderness has been publishing THE INTERIM (our newsletter) for many, many years.  We ❤️ THE INTERIM and it’s not going anywhere, but we are offering a new format. Without the constraints of pages, word counts, and shipping costs, we are excited to offer you more F&W stories, more news, and more announcements in […]