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Community Stories Creating Environmental ‘Buy-in’

Sometimes it is good to see a place you know well through someone else’s eyes. This past week I had that opportunity as I toured a teacher from the George School outside of Philadelphia around our camps. She was interested in introducing an environmental focus into her high school English classes, and had gotten a […]

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Community Stories Interdependence Day Photos & Videos

We had an amazing (and hot) Interdependence Day celebration.  Please check out the photos & videos!!  All Photos Are Here!!  

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Community Stories Interdependence Day

Instead of a celebration with fireworks and sparklers in early July, all of the Farm & Wilderness camps come together on July 5 for Interdependence Day on a grassy hillside and lawn. This event in the July Session highlights the interconnectivity of each of the eight F&W camps and programs.  While some camps, such as […]

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Community Stories What’s Drop-off Like?

We know many of you are thinking, pondering, and preparing for the day you drop-off your child at Farm & Wilderness. You may be asking, How long should I plan to stay? Is it okay if I have to go pretty quickly? Can I stay and make my child’s bed with them? What are the […]

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Community Stories Time on the Trail this Summer

This summer your child will be going on at least one multi-day camping trip. While practices vary slightly between each Farm & Wilderness camp, here is a general overview of what the experience will be like. 1. It will be fun! Being on a trip is more challenging than time spent in camp, but trips […]

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Community Stories Nine Ways We’re Greener

Farm & Wilderness has been “green” since 1939. Ten years ago we started measuring and improving our “greenness” with the help of a Greenhouse Gas Audit. Today, we are seeing significant results of these efforts. 1. Since 2009, the amount of energy needed to heat our buildings has decreased by 40%. 2. Composting of animal, […]

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Community Stories Celebrating 80 Years

F&W is celebrating its 80th anniversary and we are asking you, our community members, to share copies of some of your favorite photos of your F&W experience. We will be posting the photos at our summer events culminating with Fair where we hope to have all eight decades of the F&W experience represented. You can […]

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Community Stories How YOU Can Help Prevent Homesickness

Camp is fun and is enjoyed by hundreds of kids at Farm & Wilderness and thousands of kids nationwide. Occasionally children (especially those younger and newer to the camp experience) will have some homesickness. Here are some tips to help prevent it or, at least, reduce its power. At home: If your child has very […]

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Community Stories Safety at Camp

When sending a child to camp for the first time, it is normal for family members to be nervous about what awaits them.  These concerns might run the gamut from wondering how kids are kept safe as they participate in the various programs at camp to worrying about the camp’s practices for handling children’s behavior. […]