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Timberlake Pause. Breathe. Remember our Silent Meeting Circle.

Life has a habit of getting rather busy right about now. Pause. Breathe. Remember our Silent Meeting Circle. Remember when the leaves and sky got more of your attention than your phone.  Remember discussing the difference between fun and joy when we made our Mission statement. I wanted to share Seth Godin’s Blog on Pleasure […]

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Timberlake Getting Lost in the Woods of Brooklyn, NY

Our intrepid group met on the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library on Grand Army Plaza and departed at 10:45 am We dipped into the park, heading off for the “Vale of Cashmere”. None of us, including myself, had ever done this before. I didn’t know if it was going to be a rather pedestrian […]

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Timberlake Perfection Shining Through

Tonight is Spy Night! On Spy Night, a camper who is a “secret spy” comes back to his table and sees a message written on their plate. Anagrams on the wall in huge red letters shift from “Sing It Python” to eventually “Spy Night Tonight.” Tomorrow is Harvest Meal. A meal made with herbs and […]

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Timberlake Session Two is Flying By….

Halfway checkpoint – Clear! A1 session campers of Alder cabin leave tomorrow and the oldest campers are busy decorating the lodge with panache and flair in Harry Potter style. They filed in to be sorted into a house and lo and behold, they all ended up in “House Alder!” There have been swim lessons, carving […]

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Timberlake Making the Community

As I was sitting in Silent Meeting after Songs, I realized, “this is camp!” An epic sing along like this morning, followed by a silent descent down a stony path to a clearing in the woods, packed with over a hundred boys sitting silently for almost a half hour – it’s extraordinary. Our band “The […]

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Timberlake What’s Been Going On At Camp?

Thank you. I must begin this blog with the recognition for trusting us with your children. Parents have done this with Farm & Wilderness successfully for over three quarters of a century, yet most of them did not live in an era where the expectation was to have a constant feed of photos and news […]

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Timberlake Each One Person, Working to Make Us All One

We have a camper who has set themselves a goal to achieve our highest rating – “The Pathfinder” It is their last summer here with us, and they have described themselves “Tulio, you know I am a madman for Ratings”. For many ratings, this means that they are eager to work hard and get recognition […]

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Timberlake Songs and Silence

Good Morning! It’s another stunning day here at Timberlake. We got through that rainy Saturday where 3 inches fell and since then it’s been glorious. Here’s what’s been happening so far: The Food After living in a Mediterranean country for over a decade, I have to start with the food! The first night, there were […]

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Timberlake We All Eat, We All Grow

Our relationship with food is a foundation of what we do at Farm & Wilderness and is directly connected to the skills we learn and the values we practice. Campers learn self-reliance by growing their own food, packing and carrying their food on trips, and helping to prepare meals. We live our values when we […]