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Timberlake The Al Hicks Kitchen at Timberlake

By Christian Pruitt, Timberlake Head Cook I have known the kitchens at Timberlake over many years, having first raided the freezer for ice cream as a camper at Tamarack Farm, and now having worked as a cook many summers since 1997. Anyone who cooked, cleaned or maintained the old kitchen in recent years will agree […]

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Barn Day Camp Creating and Maintaining Our Footpaths

Imagine being able to play in waterfalls, explore old cellar holes, and see vistas of mountain peaks spreading into the distance, all while not going any further than around the block. That’s the opportunity that awaits Farm & Wilderness campers and staff! With our new Ninevah Foundation partnership, and agreements with the State of Vermont, […]

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Timberlake A Farewell

     I wish to share with you all that after ten amazing years as Director of Timberlake I am moving on. I explain more below, but please know this: TL is going to be great next summer. Last summer’s staff want to return in record numbers and I will be working through the Spring. I […]

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Timberlake Our “Final Four”

In the next four days, we have our “Final Four.”  We are harvesting much of the food from our gardens so that we can have a meal entirely from our farm.  We have already been making our own aged cheddar and other types of cheese and having breakfast greens from the garden every morning.  Now […]

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Timberlake The Secret to an Incredible Summer Experience

We’ve played some original games this session.  We brought back “Gold Rush”, with some great costumed prospectors, hidden gold nuggets, gamblers, a wandering alchemist, a bank, a stock market and jail where you get to break rocks.  Campers loved it and were speaking in southern drawls for the whole evening. In another game, we pushed […]

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Timberlake The Rundown and Roundup!

We know wet!  And we have come out a better community for it. On the first day, between rain showers, we managed to fit in most of the swim checks.  Nothing stops these TL-ers! In one day, everyone visited every activity area.  The next day everyone could spend a whole morning in an activity area, […]

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Flying Cloud Pick-up, Drop-off & Visiting Day Details!

Hard to believe we are just about at our half-way mark! Many of you will be coming to camp this weekend to pick-up, drop-off, or visit – follow the link below for details! Drop-off, Pick-up & Visiting Day Details!

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Timberlake The Memories that Endure Decades

Younger campers and their trip leaders returned delighted from their trips. They saw wildlife, had warm sunny days and comfortable nights and got to connect with a whole different group of people out in nature. Lots of the appreciation beads given out at council fire were related to bonding that happened on trips. It was […]

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Barn Day Camp Interdependence Day

This past Friday we celebrated Interdependence Day at Farm & Wilderness. Interdependence Day is a time to honor all that is interconnected at F&W and beyond… oh and have a really good time. Campers spend days preparing for this event: writing and rehearsing songs, making props and costumes, and SAM camp puts an enormous effort […]