We All Eat, We All Grow

Our relationship with food is a foundation of what we do at Farm & Wilderness and is directly connected to the skills we learn and the values we practice. Campers learn self-reliance by growing their own food, packing and carrying … Continue reading

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Come back for a special alumni weekend

This was the observation shared with campers and staff sitting in the Upper Lodge by Rich Parker, who has returned to F&W for over fifty summers. Campers were stunned to hear that the forest wasn’t always there and reminded of … Continue reading

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Memories of Camp!

For anyone who was at the Fair and wondered if we got the Fire lit. Yes – the bonfire was lit! We did get a wee bit wet on our way home, but that’s not something that our community gets … Continue reading

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Outdoor Gifts!

As you know we’ve been enjoying great weather and making the most of it. Senior Lodge campers have come back from their wilderness trips and First and Big Lodge campers will depart today. Recently, every camper went out on a … Continue reading

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Explorations at Timberlake

“Ah, the ball we dared to throw Fills the hand differently on it’s return It brings back the reality of it’s journey. Rainer Maria Rilke   Deciding to come to Timberlake is a step outside of one’s comfort zone.The green … Continue reading

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Living Close to the Earth

Yesterday, it finally rained.  And if getting rained on doesn’t bring you close to nature, I don’t know what else does! We have been enjoying sunny, perfect, gorgeous weather for so long I’d forgotten what it was like to get … Continue reading

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Thunderbird – Summer 2015

    Hello Campers! We know you’ve been eager to see the Thunderbird from this summer and here it is!! (This is a large file with many images and photos, so it may take a minute to load).  

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The Final Four!

  A quiet descended on TL’s garden rows, except for the gentle munching of an apple. Scattered around were 180 people; some were reclining in the low nook of an apple tree branch, others laying on their backs in a … Continue reading

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Trips and Other Activities at Second Session!

Timberlake’s Summer 2015 is alive and well. On Friday, our short session (A1) campers left, while our Big and First lodgers departed for their canoeing, hiking and rock climbing trips. So far, we have been blessed by fine weather, and … Continue reading

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Wilderness Trips Bring Change

I would like to make this blog more personal this time and talk about helping lead a wilderness trip. For the first time in seven summers, I helped lead a trip of 9-12 year olds for four days on the … Continue reading

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