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Timberlake Reflections on “Aging Up”

When I was a Timberlake camper, I had no plans to leave, ever. Between feeding the pigs, canoeing, camping on Paradise Island, logging expeditions, and all-camp games, TL kept me busy and was so much fun! I had my friends, I knew and loved the routines and rituals of Timberlake, so why should I ever […]

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Timberlake “Why Doesn’t My Child Write Their Camp Friends After The Summer?”

A Timberlake mother once confessed to be confused after camp.  Her son had “an amazing time” at camp and she witnessed clear indicators of this awesomeness when picking him up on the last day.  “I made lifelong friends at my camp, but my son doesn’t seem to have made any close friends at Timberlake,” she […]

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Timberlake The Final Four

I’ve been saying all summer to staff and campers that greatness awaits. During the final four, it finally arrives. Epic Camp magic for real, y’all.

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Timberlake Leaving a TL Legacy

I spend much of my time walking the grounds of Timberlake. I walk around to see my staff teaching our campers how clean (or not as clean as I’d like!) the cabins are, the faces of the campers as they go about the day, and the inflatable swans on the waterfront. I’ve been able to […]

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Timberlake Second Session Camp Magic

Timberlake camp magic is real, and it ebbs and flows over the course of the summer. During the August session, camp magic is a little fuller, a little more robust, and a little bit more awesome. New staff are no longer new, having figured out what the beauty in the chaos that is summer camp. […]

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Barn Day Camp Play

Play. It seems so simple and yet it is a disappearing feature of childhood, teen, and adult life.  According to many sources, play is important for healthy brain development.  Through play, children interact with their world and develop their imagination, creativity, and emotional strength.  Physical play also gives youngsters an opportunity to develop dexterity and […]

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Flying Cloud Homeward Bound

Tomorrow marks the end of our first session of summer 2019. Transitioning from camp to home can be challenging. Of course, campers are happy to reunite with their family, but they’ll also be missing their camp friends and activities. Kids tend to ‘re-invent’ themselves at camp and it can be jarring to return home where […]

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Barn Day Camp Woodward Reservoir and Lake Ninevah

Anyone who has spent time on any of our properties knows that our beautiful lakes —Woodward Reservoir and Lake Ninevah—are jewels to both look at, listen to, and swim in. Surrounded by verdant woods and mountain peaks, they both are home to numerous reptiles and waterfowl, especially loons (which have returned from near extinction in […]

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Timberlake Silly Camp Magic

We do some real serious stuff at Timberlake. We swim laps around the lake and construct giant fires, have deep conversations around identity and sweat in the sun while we put siding on the new Kitchen. It’s part of the unique ethos of Timberlake: Big Work + Work is Love Made Visible. Then we have […]