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News & Announcements Tamarack Farm Camp Update for 2021

Dear Farm & Wilderness Community, I’m writing to share with you that after much consideration, Farm & Wilderness’ Leadership Team and our Board of Trustees have decided to pause Tamarack Farm camp’s operations for Summer 2021.  This was a hard decision that comes as a result of the work of the Leadership Team and our 2021 […]

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Camp Events Join us for SAM, FC, and TF Video Calls on April 11th

We’ve set up some Zoom calls after hearing requests for them from conversations during this time.   These calls are set up by camps, with Saltash Mountain, Flying Cloud, and Tamarack Farm all having individual calls. You will be joined by some of your summer staff and fellow campers on this call. During the call, the […]

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Tamarack Farm Trying New Things in the Kitchen

In different ways, all of us are working through this new world we live in.  At my house, we are definitely using food and the kitchen as a way to play, explore, and try new things.  At Tamarack Farm, we often use the kitchen in the same way.  How about bringing a little Tamarack Farm […]

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Farm News Shearing our Sheep

February means that winter is half over and things are going to be picking up at the farm. Our season always begins with shearing our sheep, which starts the process that ends with beautiful skeins of yarn. Most breeds of sheep will grow their wool continuously, so it is important to shear at least once […]

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Tamarack Farm Counselor Apprenticeship at Tamarack Farm

The Counselor Apprentice Program is a leadership development program designed for 16 to 17-year-olds. Participants will acquire valuable skills for working at Farm & Wilderness and similar organizations.  It is a six-and-a-half-week program. Participants will have some Counselor Apprentice-specific training and will work within the Tamarack Farm community to gain skills they will use at […]

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Farm News Farewell to the 2019 Farm Crew!

Every year, the farm at F&W hires interns to help us out and get ready for the camp season.  This year we ended up with a great group: Anna Brewer, Derek Cote, and Reece Rivas who came together as a team despite very different back grounds and farming experience. Their last day was November first, […]

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Tamarack Farm Highlights from the Farm

By Andrea Breen, Tamarack Farm Director Cool nights and slowly changing leaves have arrived in Minneapolis. I have settled back into life teaching at the University of Minnesota. As I welcome students back into the classroom, I find my mind wandering to the long days of summer at Tamarack Farm. We had a lot of […]

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Tamarack Farm Activism Panel, Spanish Day and other TF Highlights  

There is so much that happens in a week at Tamarack Farm that it is hard to pick what to write about in this week’s blog.  Here are the highlights from the past four days. Even though this blog is long, I still feel like you are getting just a tiny glimpse into TF.

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Tamarack Farm Campers Welcome Campers!

Session Two started with full-season campers welcoming new campers into our Tamarack Farm community.  There was a short period of time back in the ‘70s when Tamarack Farm had a two-session model, but it was a small number of kids and it did not last long.  This summer, and likely for the foreseeable future, Tamarack […]