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Barn Day Camp Creating and Maintaining Our Footpaths

Imagine being able to play in waterfalls, explore old cellar holes, and see vistas of mountain peaks spreading into the distance, all while not going any further than around the block. That’s the opportunity that awaits Farm & Wilderness campers and staff! With our new Ninevah Foundation partnership, and agreements with the State of Vermont, […]

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Tamarack Farm The Counselor Apprenticeship Program

By Piper MacDonald (IB ’12-’15, TF ’16,’18) and Willa Potter (IB ’12-’17, TF ’18) Why did you choose the Counselor Apprenticeship (CA) program? Piper: I chose the CA program because I knew I wanted to be a counselor at F&W, but I was too young. I had also missed Tamarack Farm quite a bit, the […]

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Tamarack Farm The Key Ingredient for Teen Leadership Development

Leadership development is a common phrase in teen summer program brochures and websites, but what does teen leadership training really look like?  At Tamarack Farm, leadership development can come in many forms, like leading a construction project, representing the camper council to the Board of Trustees, facilitating a town meeting,  or maybe leading the harvest.  […]

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Tamarack Farm New Half Season Option at Tamarack Farm

There are two eternal truths about Farm & Wilderness: we are always changing, and our essence remains the same. Every year brings change: new trips, new buildings, new friends, even new programs like Red Spruce Grove. And yet, from our founding nearly 80 years ago to the most recent summer, F&W campers still focus on […]

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Tamarack Farm Affirmation, Celebration, and Integration

The last week at Tamarack farm is full of affirmation, celebration, and integration (as well as cleaning and packing).  As I heard one of our teens report to the board of Trustees this morning, “Tamarack Farm isn’t a summer camp, it’s an educational program.” As an experiential education program rooted deeply in our values, at […]

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Tamarack Farm Celebrating Creativity

Tamarack Farm is a place where work is valued.  Hanging on the outside wall of the farmhouse is an excerpt from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, which begins, “Work is love made visible.”  Throughout the summer teens here spend time weeding, hammering, chopping veggies, harvesting, caring for children, and doing dishes to show their love […]

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Flying Cloud Pick-up, Drop-off & Visiting Day Details!

Hard to believe we are just about at our half-way mark! Many of you will be coming to camp this weekend to pick-up, drop-off, or visit – follow the link below for details! Drop-off, Pick-up & Visiting Day Details!

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Tamarack Farm Teens are Hiking and Canoeing This Week

This week most Tamarack Farmers are out on trips! Our teens are spending these summer days hiking in the Green Mountains or canoeing in the Adirondacks of New York. Before they left I asked the group why they think we go out on wilderness trips. The answers they had were great: Because people grow & […]

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Tamarack Farm Teens Problem Solving at Tamarack Farm

When teens are offered the opportunity to problem solve the results are often astounding. Today’s youth are inundated with data (as those who purchase their data plans know). Tamarack Farm gives them a place away from this constant input and trusts them to problem solve and create. We’ve seen many young people step up this […]