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Tamarack Farm Bringing Tamarack Farm Home

How can one explain how a community comes together for seven weeks, the highs and lows, the silliest moments and the most beautiful, and what we accomplished? What will campers say when asked what they did this summer? What did they learn about themselves and others? It’s hard to succinctly explain what we do at […]

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Tamarack Farm Stepping Up

Tonight after dinner several TFers stood around the piano and sang at top of their lungs (after a week of some impressive work).  It’s only been a little over two weeks and there are many teens who are stepping up in big ways.  On Fridays, our teens run the harvest which includes not only harvesting […]

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Tamarack Farm Tamarack Farm 2017 Apprenticeships

This summer all the teens at Tamarack Farm have signed up for an apprenticeship. Each week our staff and teens will build knowledge and experience in the area of their choice. For each of the apprenticeships, we’ve laid out a 6-week arc of learning. Both teens and staff are hyped about the options. The Art […]

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Tamarack Farm Teen Programs at Tamarack Farm

It’s always difficult to encapsulate all the amazing parts of the 10 weeks I spend at the Farm.  A highlight for me involved a go-kart (believe it or not).  A first-year Tamarack Farmer (TFer) came to our Work Projects head and said, “I want to build a go-kart.”  She told him she’d need to see […]

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Tamarack Farm Camper Council

On Friday, we had two Tamarack Farmers report to the Board of Trustees.  They were speaking for the Camper Council, which has two campers from each of the Farm & Wilderness Camps.  After they had done their presentation, one board member asked them what was a highlight for them about the summer.  They answered, “our […]

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Tamarack Farm Inspiring Work and Voice

I have so much pride in the teens at Tamarack Farm this summer as I reflect on this past week. Although there is much to be delighted with (our new arts building project is progressing at a great pace and our garden is looking as beautiful as ever) three things stand out: (1) Bringing in […]

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Tamarack Farm Campers Dive Into Summer

  Time has a different meaning here at Tamarack Farm. We are paced by the day’s routines and the schedule bends and twists based on the work being done. We take the microscopic view, focusing on the present. Thus, you can imagine how surprising it was to realize the campers had been here for several […]

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Tamarack Farm 2016 Tamarack Farm Apprenticeships

While all Tamarack Farmers (TFers) are involved with the everyday chores of running our farm, cooking our meals, and building our construction projects and trails; there are several opportunities available for TFers to build mastery in one particular area. Each summer I’ve watched as young people step up, take interest and ownership in a project […]

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Tamarack Farm Affirmation

Within the flurry of preparing things for fair, something unique, radical, and truly beautiful happens during the last week at Tamarack Farm. Campers and staff affirm and appreciate each other. It’s almost (but not quite) too much sweetness to stomach. We have a few “villagers” who work at other parts of Farm & Wilderness but […]