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Barn Day Camp Creating and Maintaining Our Footpaths

Imagine being able to play in waterfalls, explore old cellar holes, and see vistas of mountain peaks spreading into the distance, all while not going any further than around the block. That’s the opportunity that awaits Farm & Wilderness campers and staff! With our new Ninevah Foundation partnership, and agreements with the State of Vermont, […]

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Saltash Mountain Keeping up with the Times… Capsules

You might think that since we only bury a time capsule every 10 years, we would only get the excitement of uncapping a time capsule every 10 years as well. However, since the tradition has been to bury the time capsule, forget the location and lose the map, 2018 Fair-goers received a bonus unveiling of […]

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Saltash Mountain What’s In A Scrape?

To someone who has never been to Saltash Mountain Camp, the word scraper is meaningless. But here at SAM Camp, “scraper” is commonplace in our vocabulary. While the literal definition of the word refers to a rubber spatula, “scraper” is used here when we speak about our cleaning systems, to bid a group of young […]

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Flying Cloud Pick-up, Drop-off & Visiting Day Details!

Hard to believe we are just about at our half-way mark! Many of you will be coming to camp this weekend to pick-up, drop-off, or visit – follow the link below for details! Drop-off, Pick-up & Visiting Day Details!

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Saltash Mountain SAM Skit at Interdependence Day

From Colleen Bumford, SAM Assistant Director The preparation for our Interdependence Day skit was a whirlwind of activity here at SAM. We began the skit-writing process with a brainstorming meeting between campers and staff over lunch. In a matter of just 3 days were “on stage” at the base of the hill performing in front […]

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Barn Day Camp Interdependence Day

This past Friday we celebrated Interdependence Day at Farm & Wilderness. Interdependence Day is a time to honor all that is interconnected at F&W and beyond… oh and have a really good time. Campers spend days preparing for this event: writing and rehearsing songs, making props and costumes, and SAM camp puts an enormous effort […]

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Barn Day Camp We Love the Cooks!

Farm & Wilderness is one of the best places to eat in Plymouth Vermont! The past few days we’ve had quiche & salad, lasagna and antipasto, stir-fry with chicken or tofu, spanakopita, potato skin bar with all sorts of toppings, Chili with cornbread, eggs-in-a-hole, popovers, farm-fresh milk and more.  If you have a dietary restriction […]

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Flying Cloud Around Camp

Here are some of the things our camp photographers are seeing around Farm & Wilderness!              

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Saltash Mountain SAM Camp Week One!

We’ve been at SAM Camp less than a week and already it feels like we’ve been here forever. We spent the first full day in camp preparing for our first trip! We set up tents, tested camp stoves, practiced swamping a canoe and paddling back to shore, planned our trip menus, and packed large amounts […]