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Saltash Mountain Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread Recipe

Every summer, the campers of Saltash Mountain Camp host a booth at Fair selling homemade bread and spreads and a few different versions of that renowned beverage; SAM Dew. Although I cannot divulge a single ingredient in SAM Dew (a closely held secret passed down for many years), I can give you the recipe for […]

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Saltash Mountain Miles Crabtree on The Moth Radio Hour

We’re excited to share that SAM Camp staff member Miles Crabtree was interviewed on The Moth Radio Hour, a podcast produced by PRX out of New York. In this episode of How You See Me, Miles masterfully shares a story about trying out for his school’s production of “How the West Was Won”, gender stereotypes, […]

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Saltash Mountain Recipes From What’s In the Pantry

Have some people to feed? Not in the mood to spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Have no desire to go to the grocery store? Here are a few VERY quick recipes using foods that you probably have in your kitchen cupboards right now. Cuban Black Beans Ingredients: 2 cups finely chopped vegetables […]

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Camp Events Join us for SAM, FC, and TF Video Calls on April 11th

We’ve set up some Zoom calls after hearing requests for them from conversations during this time.   These calls are set up by camps, with Saltash Mountain, Flying Cloud, and Tamarack Farm all having individual calls. You will be joined by some of your summer staff and fellow campers on this call. During the call, the […]

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Saltash Mountain Menu Planning for Better Eating

As the cook at Saltash Mountain Camp, I have lots of experience making plans for yummy, healthy food. When cooking at camp for 60, 100, or 200 people, menu planning is essential. It allows me to shop for food efficiently and ensures that I have a balanced menu. The same is true when cooking at […]

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Saltash Mountain Rock of Ages

Before SAM Lodge was SAM Lodge, it was the site of a cabin for Clarence and Maggie Davis and their children and grandchildren, who stayed there in the summers throughout the 1950s. Back then, Bruce Stryhar was a young boy, and he spent his days running about in the Ninevah woods. One summer, the family […]

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Saltash Mountain A Harvest Weekend Adventure: The SAM Trail

We could not have asked for a more beautiful fall weekend in Vermont for our annual F&W Harvest Weekend. The fall colors were out in full brilliance, the sun was shining, and the woods were beckoning for us to come explore. So, we did. Less than 10 miles south on route 100 from Farm and […]

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Saltash Mountain A Kitchen View of SAM Camp

The SAM kitchen is a beautiful place where I spend most of the time. As a cook here at SAM camp, my view is often truncated to the windows and doors of this place. However, as I’ve chopped and baked these days of summer away, I’ve realized I might have the best view of all.

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Barn Day Camp Play

Play. It seems so simple and yet it is a disappearing feature of childhood, teen, and adult life.  According to many sources, play is important for healthy brain development.  Through play, children interact with their world and develop their imagination, creativity, and emotional strength.  Physical play also gives youngsters an opportunity to develop dexterity and […]