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Saltash Mountain Saltash Mountain is a Place of Love…

Our most raucous nights (the SAM square dance and an all-camp game called “wild people”) is followed by our most peaceful morning, “silent breakfast.” Campers wake-up and no one speaks. Cabins are cleaned and no one speaks. Tables are set and no one speaks. Campers hug, nod, and see each other for the first time […]

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Saltash Mountain Second Session is in Full Swing at SAM Camp!

After arriving on opening day, campers prepared for their cabin trips by packing out food and gear, practicing canoe skills, and bonding with their groups. Campers and trip leaders returned from their two-night adventure eager to reconnect with those they hadn’t seen in a few days. We spent our first evening back together watching each […]

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Saltash Mountain Too Much Fun!

Interdependence Day skits and songs; body rolls on the tallest mountains in both Vermont and New York; finding a mummified possum in our chicken’s hay; back-country brownie cook offs; mock wilderness first-aid scenarios; staring off mountain tops into the cloudy abyss; paddling into sunrise and mist on completely placid lakes. At SAM Camp, we’re having too […]

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Saltash Mountain SAM Camps First Weeks of 2017

The electrifying presence of campers has returned to SAM camp! Before a hearty meal on our first night, we gathered in a big circle on the hill and every community member introduced themselves and said what kind of bug they’d be if they had to be a bug. We had wasps, bumble bees, and even […]

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Saltash Mountain Interdependence Day Skits and Six Day Trips

As the first half of the summer comes to a close, SAM camp has been taking time to reflect on the many adventures that we have had and all of the friendships that have been formed. On July 8th we came together with the other F&W camps to celebrate Interdependence Day. Traditionally, SAM camp kicks […]

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Saltash Mountain The Campers are Here! The Campers are Here!

After two weeks of building skills and preparing for the arrival of campers, they’ve finally arrived! As tradition would have it, the rain started before Opening Day (June 29) and it looked like another soggy start to SAM camp. To our surprise, we woke to the sun and a light breeze – we all enjoyed […]

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Saltash Mountain Trail Spice

  What a week! Yesterday, in a rush of backpacks, paddles and squeals of joy, campers returned from long trips with a few more dirty fingernails, and tons of enchantment from the trail. During our “shining moment” sharing circle later that night, one camper described climbing Mount Success, exclaiming that “with each step, the view […]

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Saltash Mountain Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

  Wow! What an amazing group of campers we have! Cabin trips returned on Thursday afternoon, just before the rain began to pour. Wet and happy campers rushed to grab a shower and eat warm food before sharing their cabin skits. We all enjoyed plenty of laughs and funny stories from the trail. The American […]

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Saltash Mountain A Great Start to the Second Session!

Time flies when we’re having so much fun! After an amazing first session, staff welcomed some new campers yesterday, and some beautiful weather to go along with it. Yesterday was an energizing afternoon of meeting new faces and playing name games. After dinner, campers got a chance to take in the beauty of Lake Ninevah, […]