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Resource News From Intern to Staff!

I arrived at Farm & Wilderness in March of 2016 as a Resource Crew Intern and haven’t left since. Moving here from Phoenix, Arizona without any carpentry or plumbing experience was a bit of a leap of faith, but it’s one I’m glad I made. Within three weeks of arriving, we started wall framing and […]

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Resource News Our Solar Array!

We have wanted to go solar for years at Farm & Wilderness, however, non-profits like government agencies, cannot use the State and Federal tax credits, making large solar installations difficult to afford. Last year Green Mountain Power, understanding this challenge, offered a grant for non-profits making solar more affordable. The Farmhouse now produces more electricity […]

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Resource News A Fresh Look for the Macobac

  The aging Macobac trip shed at Saltash Mountain Camp has been rejuvenated, thanks to three Resource interns who spent a few months designing and rebuilding a timber-frame structure to replace the old one, which had outlived its useful life after years of use. The Macobac, which stands for the “macaroni is out back”, was […]

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Resource News Recycling A Truck

Recycling in its oldest form:  This truck was 12 years old and had over 100,00 miles when we got it.  The tool boxes finally rusted off the sides and we were finding tools strewn along the road, but the truck has been so reliable we didn’t want to give it up. Here you can see […]

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Resource News Summer Staff Arrive for Skills Week!

Farm & Wilderness started Skills Week on Monday as part of about 20 days of pre-camp training. During Skills Week, about 15 summer staffers learn or become better at measuring, cutting, framing, drilling and gaining competency with various tools. The staff will be using these skills over the next two months as they work with […]

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Resource News Getting Ready for Summer 2015

The F&W Resource crew has been eager to get started on several construction projects before Summer 2015 begins. We’ve been waiting for the snow to finally melt! Our first project is converting an older tent platform into a cabin. This will help us meet our expansion goal for staff housing, which is needed because we […]

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Resource News New Hoop House at Tamarack Farm

We have begun construction of the new hoop house at Tamarack Farm.  The site was leveled last week and the Resource team welded a frame and began assembling the sections.  The intent of the structure is to expand the growing season on the farm. Read more about this on Page 7 in the latest Interim. […]

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Resource News Sand & Salt

Winter is still holding on here at F&W but we are no longer sanding the roads! At F&W we recently abandoned our sand road salt mix in favor of crushed stone.  The rock salt that is used as a de-icer/anti-caking agent in the sand we were using on our roads is a bad idea from […]

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Resource News Sugarhouse Construction

We are just finishing the final touches on the new sugarhouse as the Farm team prepares for the sugaring season.  With warmer temperatures this afternoon, several F&W staff have strapped on their snow shoes and are tapping the trees this afternoon in our sugarbush. The new sugar house is a timber-frame building that uses trees […]