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Red Spruce Grove Tracking Spring

Just because many things in our human world have ground to a halt doesn’t mean that the wheel of nature has stopped turning! There is a beautiful world unfolding all around us, especially now with spring just around the corner (or already here, depending on where you live). In this scary and destabilizing time, it’s […]

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Red Spruce Grove Living Gratefully at Red Spruce Grove

It seems like a study comes out every week about the importance of gratitude. Everyone agrees that cultivating a practice of giving thanks improves mental and emotional well-being. But I think there is more to it than that. Sharing gratitude in community, as we do at camp, can be a richer experience than simply writing […]

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Red Spruce Grove What’s Brewing at Red Spruce Grove?

What a summer! Red Spruce Grove is really finding its identity within the F&W community. The campers, counselors, and the land itself are informing how the program grows and evolves. Already, plans are brewing for next year, based on input from all of our community members. First up: Building projects! Consistently, the biggest highlights of […]

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Red Spruce Grove Red Spruce Grove Summer Camp Update 2019

Three weeks is the blink of an eye to the towering Spruces, and an entire lifetime for the fleeting wildflowers. It is incredible to see how our community has grown and flourished in these past three weeks.

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Red Spruce Grove Simplicity and Community at The Grove

I write this by hand, sitting on the front porch of the Red Spruce Grove food shelter. It’s another warm, sunny morning at The Grove. A quiet breeze blows through the trees as the sounds of chopping echo from from The Kitchen and laughter carries over from the wild field. Campers are off playing the […]

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Barn Day Camp Play

Play. It seems so simple and yet it is a disappearing feature of childhood, teen, and adult life.  According to many sources, play is important for healthy brain development.  Through play, children interact with their world and develop their imagination, creativity, and emotional strength.  Physical play also gives youngsters an opportunity to develop dexterity and […]

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Red Spruce Grove Work, Play, Learn, and Live Together

The second session at Red Spruce Grove is officially underway, as we prepare for our departure from Indian Brook tomorrow! The first three days of camp for Red Spruce Grove takes place at Indian Brook, where we have been working together to get ready to leave for our wilderness site. Campers have done swim tests, […]

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Flying Cloud Homeward Bound

Tomorrow marks the end of our first session of summer 2019. Transitioning from camp to home can be challenging. Of course, campers are happy to reunite with their family, but they’ll also be missing their camp friends and activities. Kids tend to ‘re-invent’ themselves at camp and it can be jarring to return home where […]

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Barn Day Camp Woodward Reservoir and Lake Ninevah

Anyone who has spent time on any of our properties knows that our beautiful lakes —Woodward Reservoir and Lake Ninevah—are jewels to both look at, listen to, and swim in. Surrounded by verdant woods and mountain peaks, they both are home to numerous reptiles and waterfowl, especially loons (which have returned from near extinction in […]