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Indian Brook One Last Stroll as Indian Brook Director

I have some news to share, I’ll be taking one last stroll up the big path to Indian Brook as Director this June before campers arrive. This was a very hard decision to come to since I love my employment here, as well as the people I work with. It has been a pleasure working […]

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Camp Events F&W LIVE!

Join us on Monday the 19th at 7 pm for a LIVE conversation with two F&W camp directors, Megan Chamberlain and Charlie Wyatt.  We’ll simulcast on Facebook and Instagram Live with insider information and answers to any questions about Red Spruce Grove and Flying Cloud.  Plus a chance to win a prize!  Hope to see you […]

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Red Spruce Grove Smiles and Laughter Abound

Smiles and laughter were abound despite Vermont’s fast and frequent downpours at the Grove this past week. In addition to a few cool afternoon blueberry harvest sessions, campers prepared for their solos by practicing their fire building and shelter making skills. Some kids even built a tripod for lamb jerky to take with them. The […]

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Red Spruce Grove Greetings from the Grove!

Over the past week we’ve begun to settle into our home on the mountaintop meadow, new and old campers alike have discovered and rediscovered all of the magical wonders that this place has to offer. Campers have been working on their fire and shelter building skills in preparation for solos coming up and have also […]

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Red Spruce Grove Learning Skills and Settling In!

The first week of the second session at Red Spruce Grove has been a soggy one, yet the campers had a chance to prepare for camp while staying at the Lower Lodge at Indian Brook for a few days. Despite the downpours, the campers practiced ax safety skills, honed their carving abilities by making chop […]

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Flying Cloud Pick-up, Drop-off & Visiting Day Details!

Hard to believe we are just about at our half-way mark! Many of you will be coming to camp this weekend to pick-up, drop-off, or visit – follow the link below for details! Drop-off, Pick-up & Visiting Day Details!

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Barn Day Camp Interdependence Day

This past Friday we celebrated Interdependence Day at Farm & Wilderness. Interdependence Day is a time to honor all that is interconnected at F&W and beyond… oh and have a really good time. Campers spend days preparing for this event: writing and rehearsing songs, making props and costumes, and SAM camp puts an enormous effort […]

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Barn Day Camp We Love the Cooks!

Farm & Wilderness is one of the best places to eat in Plymouth Vermont! The past few days we’ve had quiche & salad, lasagna and antipasto, stir-fry with chicken or tofu, spanakopita, potato skin bar with all sorts of toppings, Chili with cornbread, eggs-in-a-hole, popovers, farm-fresh milk and more.  If you have a dietary restriction […]

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Red Spruce Grove Red Spruce Grove

Campers settled into their beautiful clearing at Red Spruce Grove last Monday. The heat had been intense everywhere, but a steady breeze from the south kept it cooler at RSG. Tuesday morning, some campers had an introductory archery lesson while others worked on carving spoons. Everyone at RSG makes their own utensils! At the three […]