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Questers 4 Reasons We Love Questing

Here are four things we love about the Questers program: 1. Lifelong Friendships: Hiking the Long Trail brought us closer as a group and community. Eva Clews (IB ’11-’13, SAM ’15-’16, Questers ’17) recounts, “we were all friends by the end, we supported each other in hard times and celebrated in the awesome moments, making […]

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Barn Day Camp Play

Play. It seems so simple and yet it is a disappearing feature of childhood, teen, and adult life.  According to many sources, play is important for healthy brain development.  Through play, children interact with their world and develop their imagination, creativity, and emotional strength.  Physical play also gives youngsters an opportunity to develop dexterity and […]

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Barn Day Camp Living the Screen-Free Dream

Last night, most campers spent time with their cabin groups or together with their camp making a group contract about how they wanted to live together for the month or the summer. Today, they were packing their personal gear and group food for their first backpacking trips; walking goats and collecting eggs; swimming in the […]

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Barn Day Camp Ready for Campers!

While the first day campers only just arrived today at Farm & Wilderness (overnight campers arrive on Wednesday), most staff have been here since the beginning of June (some even since the end of May) learning the many skills that it takes to be an effective camp staff person. I have been fortunate to get […]

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Barn Day Camp Silent Meeting 2019

“Mommy, look, a fairy circle where magic happens.” This is what a new to Farm & Wilderness seven-year-old exclaimed on her way past the Tamarack Farm Silent Meeting Circle laced with blue flowers and decorated with rock structures. For those new to Farm & Wilderness, Silent Meeting is a practice that is observed in all […]

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Flying Cloud Food in the 1st Week of Camp

At Farm & Wilderness, we understand the importance of good, healthy food. A cold rainy day can be transformed by a lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup just as a bowl of cold fruit salad can give you a whole new outlook on a hot and muggy afternoon. The foods we serve in the […]

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Flying Cloud How to Encourage your Child to Write Home

The age-old saying that “no news is good news” is often true about not getting letters home.  But there are a few things you can do to encourage those precious letters home. 1. Pack some stamped, self-addressed “peel and seal” envelopes. The regular ones tend to weld shut in summer humidity. Include some blank envelopes […]

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Barn Day Camp Zen and the Art of Writing Letters to your Camper

A letter at camp is a magical thing. Campers love getting mail – even mail from a sibling they fight with at home – mail at camp is a piece of home.  Letters can lift the spirits of even the happiest camper and maybe, just maybe, even elicit a reply. Here are some 7 tips […]

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Questers 4 Surprising Facts About the Adirondacks

It’s growing. If you’re waiting for it to get easier to climb to the top of New York’s highest peak, Mount Marcy, you’re waiting in vain. It’s getting taller! When the F&W Questers stand atop the 5,344 ft Mount Marcy this summer, it’s going to be growing at a rate of 1 ft every 100 […]