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Barn Day Camp Creating and Maintaining Our Footpaths

Imagine being able to play in waterfalls, explore old cellar holes, and see vistas of mountain peaks spreading into the distance, all while not going any further than around the block. That’s the opportunity that awaits Farm & Wilderness campers and staff! With our new Ninevah Foundation partnership, and agreements with the State of Vermont, […]

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Questers Journey’s End: 36 days and 273 miles!!

The journey is complete! 36 days and 273 miles later, both Long Trail quester groups have made it back safe and sound! They have packed in, enjoyed hot showers, and are gobbling down the great meals at SAM camp. They are happy to be back and to know their trek is done! I hiked into […]

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Questers Half-Season Questers

The Classic Questers have had an adventurous trip!  They met each challenge with optimism and a spirit of unity. It gives me great hope to see a group of co-ed 15 year-olds bond together to ensure each other’s safety, sense of belonging and share their unique gifts and perspectives with one another. Our trip began […]

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Questers Journey’s End

“With the last resupply underway, the Long Trail Questers are wrapping up their month-long journey to Canada! They are 33 days into their 36-day expedition and are less than 35 miles from the finish line at Journey’s End. During the previous resupply, I finished up one of their hardest days with them. They had a […]

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Questers Halfway Mark and Onwards to Canada!

The Long Trail Questers are halfway to completing their thru-hike! Today they reached Day 24 on the trail, having endured as many hours in the wind and rain as those under sunny skies. They are now less than 100 miles away from the border of Canada – they have already hiked almost 200 miles!! Our […]

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Flying Cloud Pick-up, Drop-off & Visiting Day Details!

Hard to believe we are just about at our half-way mark! Many of you will be coming to camp this weekend to pick-up, drop-off, or visit – follow the link below for details! Drop-off, Pick-up & Visiting Day Details!

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Questers The Journey to Canada!

From Grace and Marissa (the resupply/support dream-team duo) The first resupply is done! After a few wet days on the trail, both groups completed their first resupply, receiving more food and some tasty fruit! Both groups have summited Stratton Mountain and are now onto the next segment of their journey to Canada! Grace and I […]

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Questers The journey has begun!

Nearing 40 miles, both groups of  Long Trail Questers are closing in on Stratton Mountain, Vermont’s 8th highest peak and certainly the highest peak in the first 80 miles. It’s been hot! The groups are getting up early, 5:30 am, in order to beat the heat get into camp early. I’ve spoken with both group […]

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Flying Cloud Around Camp

Here are some of the things our camp photographers are seeing around Farm & Wilderness!