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News & Announcements Want to Support Camp? Record a Video for Us!

In the last few months, a lot of you have asked how you could support us or be involved. We’re creating videos to share with new and returning camp families for next year and would love for you to be a part of them. Campers and parents alike can record and share their experiences and […]

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News & Announcements COVID-19: June 2020 Updates

With summer now in full swing, we wanted to give you an update on what things will look like in the months ahead. We first wanted to excitedly tell you all that Frances McLaughlin has accepted the position to be our next Executive Director. She will officially take over her role in September and you […]

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News & Announcements Board Meeting June 2020

Agenda for June 2020 Meeting The Farm & Wilderness and Ninevah Foundation Boards will hold a brief meeting on June 20th. This is not in our regular schedule of meetings, but in these unusual times, I felt we needed to come together more often. This will be the first meeting attended by our six new […]

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News & Announcements Loon Chicks on Woodward Reservoir

The Vermont Center for Ecostudies, in partnership with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, leads the Loon Watch Conservation Project.  Every year volunteers help monitor loon nesting sites across the state.  The biggest threat to loons, which were fortunately removed from the endangered species list in 2005, is human disturbance. You can read more about […]

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News & Announcements Board Meeting Agenda May 2020

[See below for minutes of the May 2020 Board Meeting] The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Farm & Wilderness Foundation, Ninevah Foundation, and Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc., will be held virtually on Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3, 2020. Over the past couple of months, Board members have become quite adept at […]

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News & Announcements Code of Online Conduct Statement

When we gather online we contribute and participate in the same positive way we would at camp. By participating, you are agreeing to: Not use inappropriate language or share inappropriate images (including but not limited to inappropriate memes, photos, drawings, etc.) Responsibily choose a background image when you do use one Facilitators will take appropriate […]

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News & Announcements Interim Executive Director Update

The Farm & Wilderness Executive Director is an important person. They oversee our summer camps and year-round operations, make big decisions about things like going solar and starting new camp programs, and in their spare time dig out kybos and chase runaway goats. The job grew even bigger under our current ED Rebecca Geary, who […]

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News & Announcements Board Meeting Agenda Jan. 25, 2020

The Farm & Wilderness Board meets four times a year – in a major northeast city in January (in D.C. 2020) and in Vermont in May, August (on the day before Fair), and October. According to the F&W and Ninevah By-Laws, the Board is “responsible for the investment, use, and expenditure of all funds and […]

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News & Announcements Your Support Matters

As I looked around the Camper Family Welcome Reception this summer, I felt the palpable enthusiasm and nervous anticipation that campers and family experience before drop-off. One of the first to arrive was an alum who hadn’t been back to camp for years and was now a parent dropping off his son for the first […]