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Indian Brook Indian Brook’s Whirlwind Week!

Harvest, a time for gathering and for saying goodnight but not goodbye…

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Indian Brook Valuing the Journey …

One of the aspects of F&W that I most appreciate is getting to work with older staff (many of whom have been former campers) who have had incredibly adventurous and accomplished lives.

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Indian Brook Trips, Skits and “Wonkaland”

Indian Brook has been buzzing with activity this past week! Big and First lodges have completed their three-and four-day trips, Senior Lodge has departed on their five-day trips, all lodges dug deeper into their activity areas and apprenticeships, and we held our treasured Indian Brook event of “Someday”. Trips are an integral part of the […]

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Barn Day Camp Play

Play. It seems so simple and yet it is a disappearing feature of childhood, teen, and adult life.  According to many sources, play is important for healthy brain development.  Through play, children interact with their world and develop their imagination, creativity, and emotional strength.  Physical play also gives youngsters an opportunity to develop dexterity and […]

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Indian Brook New Beginnings and Next Chapters

How fleeting and enduring summers are at camp! The First Session of Indian Brook 2019 is now a chapter closed behind us. What wild adventures we had exploring the Green Mountains and paddling our lakes and rivers. Thanks so very much to the families who shared their precious young ones with us for our first […]

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Flying Cloud Homeward Bound

Tomorrow marks the end of our first session of summer 2019. Transitioning from camp to home can be challenging. Of course, campers are happy to reunite with their family, but they’ll also be missing their camp friends and activities. Kids tend to ‘re-invent’ themselves at camp and it can be jarring to return home where […]

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Indian Brook Week Three

The start of Week 3 is here at Indian Brook and is the turning point of our camp session. As things wrap up, campers in our First and Big Lodge have been bustling away within our Activity Area morning rotations working until the sound of the bell which signifies a switch to a new activity. […]

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Barn Day Camp Woodward Reservoir and Lake Ninevah

Anyone who has spent time on any of our properties knows that our beautiful lakes —Woodward Reservoir and Lake Ninevah—are jewels to both look at, listen to, and swim in. Surrounded by verdant woods and mountain peaks, they both are home to numerous reptiles and waterfowl, especially loons (which have returned from near extinction in […]

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Indian Brook Mid-session Approaches & Summer is in Full Swing!

  It is very difficult to believe that our opening day is already over a week behind us. So much has occurred during these past several days, and we have been gifted with warm and wonderful weather. Perfect for an afternoon dip in the lake, or a breezy siesta during rest hour. Here are a […]