Indian Brook

Indian Brook FAQ

What to Expect for families Why is being in a gender common space important? Who is camp for? What’s up with the pronouns and gender neutral language being used? What’s the camper quote that sums up the camp experience best? … Continue reading

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Revisiting Our History With a Modern Lens

At Farm & Wilderness, we occasionally revisit our history with a modern lens to ensure that we honor our roots, while remaining sensitive to current dynamics. In that light, F&W is reviewing potential cultural appropriation in the name of our … Continue reading

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Oh, the Life Skills We Learned!

After saying goodbye to IB campers after the Fair celebration, the staff were cleaning and adjusting to how small the pre-meal circle was. In the last few hours beforehand, it had felt like a huge adjustment to even think about … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

UPDATE: During the Indian Brook and Dark Meadow reunion this September, alumni threshed out the topic of whether the Indian Brook name should be changed and what the impact of the name’s meaning may have on future and current IB … Continue reading

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Building our Home at the Indian Brook Wilderness Program

    The Indian Brook Wilderness Program is in a brand new site, a high meadow full of wildflowers and fireflies, perfect for stargazing on clear nights, with blueberry patches and a view of Saltash Mountain. This is our program’s fourth … Continue reading

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From the Woods to the Hundred Acre Wood

The sky was a clear, bright blue this morning after a rainy couple of days at IB. The sun warmed the leaves on the tops of the trees surrounding the lawn as campers and staff joined hands in our circle … Continue reading

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Madness and Magic; Returning to the Woods!

As the summer light fades into evening at Indian Brook, and the solstice moon shines later in the night sky, another world comes alive — mice, bats, arachnids and more carry on their lives. As we slip into sleep, the … Continue reading

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Celebrations And Remeberances

Several times throughout this session, camp spaces have been transformed into something new and magical.  This week we celebrated our biggest camp holiday, Someday, when zany activities occur that complete the sentence, “Someday at camp we will….” Campers suggest crazy … Continue reading

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Building Community in August

We are almost halfway through the session already. Here at Indian Brook, we believe that it is through sharing, listening and developing compassion for of the experiences of others that we have the opportunity to build a community and celebrate … Continue reading

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Say It Sister!

The sounds of 121 campers laughing and singing once again filled the woods of Indian Brook. Campers built fires and community by setting up their cabin agreements.  One camper asked to have their own copy of the “rights and responsibilities” … Continue reading

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