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Indian Brook Extending the Harvest

As we settle back into the places we find comfortable and call home, the change in seasons can provide a great moment for reflection on how we shape the spaces around us. Have you been missing the lessons from your OWLS and NEWTS activities? Have you found ways to bring those skills into the community […]

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Indian Brook Nourishing Food Sustains the Soul

At Indian Brook, we aren’t afraid to dream big and we don’t shy away from the unknown. In the kitchen, this means we make baked Alaska flambé for 200 people and serve honey-roasted brassicas (broccoli and cauliflower) and strawberry kimchi to nine year-olds. Campers are encouraged to “try a bite” of unfamiliar foods, but there […]

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Indian Brook We’re All About “Farm” & “Wilderness”

Last week at Indian Brook was very much about “farm” and “wilderness.” Our senior lodge campers were out on their 5-day wilderness trips – backpacking, canoeing, and rock climbing in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and the Adirondacks. Trips are often one of the more challenging aspects of a camper’s summer because people are out of […]

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Indian Brook Growing, Exploring, Adventuring, and Connecting

Swallows dipped and dove against a backdrop of emerald trees, almost touching the still surface of Woodrow Reservoir as camp began to stir early this morning. We came out of a rainy first few days with spirits, not at all dampened! Campers have already begun immersing themselves in life here; getting acquainted with our new […]

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Indian Brook Indian Brook FAQ

What to Expect for families Why is being in a gender common space important? Who is camp for? What’s up with the pronouns and gender neutral language being used? What’s the camper quote that sums up the camp experience best? What’s the parent quote that sums up the camp experience best? Are we changing the […]

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Indian Brook Revisiting Our History With a Modern Lens

At Farm & Wilderness, we occasionally revisit our history with a modern lens to ensure that we honor our roots, while remaining sensitive to current dynamics. In that light, F&W is reviewing potential cultural appropriation in the name of our Indian Brook camp, and we have started a conversation about a possible name change. We […]

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Indian Brook Oh, the Life Skills We Learned!

After saying goodbye to IB campers after the Fair celebration, the staff were cleaning and adjusting to how small the pre-meal circle was. In the last few hours beforehand, it had felt like a huge adjustment to even think about preparing to leave the camp. Relics of “Someday” were packed away, the cards from interactive […]

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Indian Brook What’s in a Name?

UPDATE: During the Indian Brook and Dark Meadow reunion this September, alumni threshed out the topic of whether the Indian Brook name should be changed and what the impact of the name’s meaning may have on future and current IB communities.   The idea re-emerged (it was raised in the 90’s) following F&W Inclusivity and […]

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Indian Brook Building our Home at the Indian Brook Wilderness Program

    The Indian Brook Wilderness Program is in a brand new site, a high meadow full of wildflowers and fireflies, perfect for stargazing on clear nights, with blueberry patches and a view of Saltash Mountain. This is our program’s fourth summer, a chance for female-identified and non-binary-gender campers to live together in a small-group, free […]